Weekly Recap: November 29-December 4

Good morning from sunny Florida,

This is our final weekend at Indian Shores before moving up to Homosassa for the remainder of December.  That will put us close to Kenny’s family and where we will enjoy being together for Christmas.

Also, I’ve been asked to preach for the West Citrus Church on December 13 and 20.  It’s always a pleasure to return and worship with these brethren.

This week’s posts contain a variety of topics.  If you’ve missed any, this recap offers an easy way to catch up, as well as share ThePreachersWord with your friends via email or social media.

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

God bless.



Sunday Seed Thoughts:  Character



Word of the Week:  Choices




Giving Tuesday 2020



A Passage To Ponder: 3John 1-8





Don’t Let A Moose Lick Your Car



Friday’s List To Live By #18





Here’s a post from 8 years ago today, “It’s Hard To Help Some People.”  There’s a dual message in the post that you will find instructive.  Especially as we enter this holiday season of giving.

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