“Jesus never begged anyone to believe in Him. He knew that integrity cannot be proven; it must be discerned,” wrote Mike Murdock.

“He never wasted time with critics. He kept his attention on His goal. He stayed focused. They accused Jesus of being filled with devils! He paid no attention. He simply continued to cast out devils. Jesus never strived to ‘look good.’ He simply was good. He did not labor to appear truthful. He was truthful. He never struggled to have a good reputation. He had character.”

Murdock’s words point out a great lesson we learn from Jesus. You must live the life before you lead others. In other words, it is not enough to talk the talk, you must walk the walk. Jesus walked it. He led the way. He set an example for us to be spiritual influencers.

Today there is too much emphasis on image. Politics is reduced to sound bites on the evening news. Sports highlight slam dunks, home runs and touchdowns. And religion is following suit with hype, glamour and personal appeal.

Let’s be like Jesus. Be a person of character and reputation will take care of itself.

—Ken Weliever,  The Preacherman


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