Weekly Recap: November 15-20

Good morning from Indian Shores Beach,

For the third consecutive year during this adventure, Norma Jean and I are enjoying an extended stay at the beach.  Along with some preaching opportunities and our daily writing, it affords some relaxing time to appreciate the beauty of nature and enjoy God’s blessings.  Additionally, it’s an excellent time to plan for next year’s activities, to the extent we’re able to do so.

We are probably in the final stages of “full time” travel and intend to look for a place to settle down around the first of 2021.  We’re evaluating our options that include the Tampa Bay area, specifically Temple Terrace or Land O’ Lakes or possibly somewhere in Citrus county around Crystal River. Hopefully, in January we can settle on a location.

Attached are the posts from the past week.  It’s a good opportunity for you to catch up on any you’ve missed, as well as share ThePreachersWord with others.  Also, there’s a bonus post from the past.

Have a good day and a great weekend.

God Bless,


Sunday Seed Thoughts: The Best or Worst Day of the Week?



Word of the Week:  Anchor




Unity in a Divided World




A Passage To Ponder:  John 18:4



Living With Second Choices



Friday’s List To Live By #17





As cases of COVID-19  are spiking and many states are shutting down again along with recommendations to skip family gatherings at Thanksgiving, many people are experiencing fear.  Fear of the unknown.  Fear of illness.  Fear of death.  Fear of financial collapse.  Here’s a post that we published back in March as the pandemic was in the early stages.  It’s worth everyone reading again to help calm their fears.   Ancient Advice For Our Current Crisis.

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