Sunday Seed Thoughts: The Best or Worst Day of the Week?

“Do you rush, push, shout, and become generally unpleasant on Sunday mornings? Asked blogger, author, and lecturer Karen Burton Mains.

“Do you complain about church?”

“Are you irregular in your attendance?”

“Are you over-conscientious about matters that are not really important?”

“Do you always criticize the (preacher, the song leader, the elders) and the length of services?

“Then don’t be surprised,” Karen wrote, “if your children grow up to look at Sundays as the worst day of the week.”

Not too surprisingly you can probably guess that I love Sundays. I suppose most preachers do. But, I recall how the seed was planted in my heart by my parents to look forward to the Lord’s Day. It was a special day. To assemble with special people. And to worship God. Together.

Sunday morning wasn’t a rushed time because Mom and Dad were prepared. Our Bible lessons were studied ahead of time. Clothes were ready to wear. Dad wrote his contribution check on Saturday night. Mom was getting food ready to cook Sunday dinner. While Saturday morning might have been a day to sleep in, Sunday wasn’t. We got up in time to eat breakfast unhurried. Got ready in plenty of time. And left early. We always arrived 15 minutes before class began.

I honestly can’t remember ever being late. Or hearing my parents complain or criticize the church. Oh, there may have been some concerns raised occasionally, but they were not negative in tone. If they had some serious criticisms, they weren’t expressed in the presence of my brother and me.

Yes, times have changed since my boyhood days. Society is different. Culture is more diverse. And attitudes toward religion and churches are not the same.

But Sunday is still Sunday. It’s still the Lord’s Day.

Is Sunday a day of anticipation for you? A day of inner renewal? Of engaging fellowship? Of spiritual communion? Of Divine association? Of personal introspection? Of joyous worship?

Is Sunday the best day of the week for you? Or the worst?

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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2 responses to “Sunday Seed Thoughts: The Best or Worst Day of the Week?

  1. Andy Mitchell

    Thank you for your encouraging articles, brother.

    Andy Mitchell


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