Weekly Recap: August 9-14

Good morning from Homosassa, Florida,

Welcome to several new readers who’ve subscripted to ThePreachersWord.  Each week we continue to add new followers.  We appreciate it.

Here’s this week’s recap of our daily posts for those of you who may have missed one.   It’s also an opportunity to share ThePreachersWord with a friend, relative, or fellow Christian.

We were a little later posting on Thursday a very important post, A Father’s Love.  One fellow preacher sent it to all of the men in his congregation.  You might want to do the same.

Have a good day.

God bless.



Sunday Seed Thoughts:  Why Go To Church?



Word of the Week:  Willpower





Hearing Jesus in a Noisy World



A Passage To Ponder:  Matthew 18:15-17

A Father’s Love



Friday’s List to Live By #6



Bonus Post

We’re posted several times on issues regarding COVID-19.  Here’s an April post you have may have missed.  It will encourage you.  Provide a bigger and better perspective of what we’ve been going through.   And remind you of what COVID-19 can’t do.

10 Things the Coronavirus Cannot Do

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