10 Things the Coronavirus Cannot Do

As we continue living through this new normal, which is so abnormal, our hearts are touched by the amount of sickness and death we are seeing and hearing reported by the media.

In fact, by now you may know someone who’s contracted COVID-19. We know a few folks personally who are suffering from it. And so far, thankfully winning the battle.

Yet, in the midst of this current crisis we continue to hear uplifting stories. Stories of heroism. Courage. And self-sacrifice. People helping people. Neighbors looking after one another. Shepherds employing innovative ways to watch for souls. Preachers learning and using new techniques to teach and preach the gospel.

While we are in no way minimizing the gravity of this present distress, or downplaying its serious impact on our homes, churches, and communities worldwide, we see many positives coming from this negative situation. While COVID-19 may cancel sporting events, close schools and churches, and cut us off from our usual interpersonal interaction, there are some things this dreaded disease cannot do.

In this thinking about this, I was reminded of a short piece that a cancer survivor wrote years ago entitled “Cancer is so limited.” In the same spirit, applying it’s basic message, here are 10 things COVID-19 cannot do.

COVID-19 cannot cripple love. Because God is love. And He lives. And His love lives in us. Through us. And all around us. Love for God and other people, is what’s motiving so much of the good we’re seeing and experiencing all around us.

COVID-19 cannot shatter hope. While we confidently expect this crisis to end, sooner or later, the Christian’s hope is firmed fixed in something and someone greater. Our hope is anchored in Christ. It transcends the trials and troubles of this life. And it’s firmly fixed as we face the storms of life.

COVID-19 cannot corrode faith. Our faith is the foundation of our hope. Faith sees the unseen. It dispels doubt. Disperses fear. And dismisses unfounded feelings that undermine Truth.

COVID-19 cannot destroy peace. Our peace is within. And from above. God, through Jesus Christ, supplies peace that surpasses understanding. There is peace in prayer. In believing. In trusting in God’s providential care. And in focusing on His promise to never leave or forsake us.

COVID-19 cannot kill friendships. On the contrary this crisis has in many ways not only strengthened friendships but forged new friendships. Ironically, while we are not together, this challenge has created deeper bonds and a greater longing for community.

COVID-19 cannot suppress memories. In fact, the very opposite is occurring. With more time for family, memories are being relived. Shared. And cherished. In a weird sort of way, we are even making new and precious memories that we will remember the rest of our lives.

COVID-19 cannot silence courage. The doctors, nurses, and first responders are a living, breathing testimony of courage, strength and resolve. Every person involved in the medical profession is demonstrating courage. Including the people tasked with the responsibility of cleaning and sanitizing hospital rooms.

COVID-19 cannot invade the soul. Yes, it can touch the body. Too many have lost their lives already. But the soul, created by God is immortal. Eternal. And invincible.

COVID-19 cannot steal eternal life. We live, knowing that we’re not put on this earth to live forever. There is a heavenly home, promised by God, that no person, disease or even Satan himself can steal.

COVID-19 cannot conquer the spirit. Every person, believer and unbeliever alike possesses an unconquerable spirit endowed by their Creator to withstand incredible pressure. Overcome unimaginable obstacles. And conquer this current crisis.

And, as a bonus here #11.

COVID-19 cannot keep Christians from worshiping God. From praying. Reading Scripture. Singing praises. And communing with Christ. Buildings may be closed and pews empty, but hearts are open and receptive. Tens of thousands and thousands of thousands are accessing on-line worship services, reading blogs, and conducting in-home bible studies and worship services.

Because of Jesus, his life, death and triumphant resurrection, COVID-19 does not have the final say in the grand scheme of things. No disease, not even the coronavirus, has greater power than Christ.

To suffering Christians, Peter penned these words of comfort and assurance that speak to us today.

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to his abundant mercy has begotten us again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, to an inheritance incorruptible, undefiled and that does not fade away reserved in heaven for you” (1 Pet 1:3-4)

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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6 responses to “10 Things the Coronavirus Cannot Do

  1. Fay Green

    Thanks Ken….Appreciated your words this morning. How are you and Norma and where are you right now? Praying for all of us and that we will be safe through this rough time. Hugs to you and Norma….Fay Green


    • Hi Fay. So good to hear from you. And thanks for reading my blog and the kind words

      We are social distancing in the smoky mountains. Our two week stay is turning into at least five weeks. But we’re not complaining. It’s beautiful up here. And we are well and safe.

      Take care. God bless


  2. Glynda Matteo

    I can’t tell you how much good your encouragement supplied by your daily blogs is doing for your readers as we strive to keep our eye on the goal. Know that I am passing along as much of your writing as possible to my children, grandchildren, family and friends. God bless you and keep you and sweet Norma Jean safe through it all.


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