Weekly Recap: July 26-31

Good morning from hot, sunny Florida!

Yes, we’re back in Florida.  With the closure of the Canadian border and our trip to England canceled, we decided to come back and see our grandkids (oh, and of course, our kids too!)

We plan to stay here during the month of August and most of September before we return North for my Fall meetings (Lord willing).  I have two preaching appointments at the West Citrus Church in Crystal River, August 9th & 30th.

Attached are the links from this week’s posts.  The numbers indicate this Saturday post is providing a valuable asset to our readers, both to catch up, as well as sharing ThePreachersWord with others.  Thanks!

Hope you all have a good weekend.  And a wonderful Lord’s Day tomorrow.

God bless.



Sunday Seed Thoughts: Paradox Day



Word of the Week:  Faithfulness



Stewardship During the Pandemic




A Passage To Ponder:  Matthew 8



Staying Connected When We’re Apart



Friday’s List to Live By #4




Bonus Post:

Four years ago on this date, I published a post about endurance.  It relates a human interest story about a woman named Charlotte.  And its message offers comfort, encouragement, and hope to whatever trial, trouble, or temptation you’re enduring today.






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4 responses to “Weekly Recap: July 26-31

  1. Doris Bailey

    Thank you for the bonus post on “endurance”. I needed that today.

    Doris, Sent from my iPhone



  2. Peggy Hobbs

    So glad I read the bonus post today, we all need more endurance during this difficult time. Thank you!


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