Friday’s List to Live By #4

Today’s list is adapted from LeRoy Brownlow’s, A Psalm in My Heart, based on Psalm 18.

Click here to read Psalm 18, where David used seven tributes to describe and praise God.

If you’ve missed this 13-week series, click here to access the first three lists.

God in Seven Tributes

◆My Strength. Without God David would have succumbed; with Him he was victorious.

◆My Rock. When the storm beat the hardest, he found God to be his rock, a solid rock, a cliff of shelter.

◆My Fortress. God was David’s place of defense and protection. There’s no safety like Fort Divine.

◆My Deliverer. Some versions render the original word, shield. God’s our shield of defense.

◆The Horn of My Salvation. Jehovah was to David what the horn is to the animal, a means of defense.

◆My High Tower. Or refuge as rendered in Psalm 9:9. Truly, the name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous man runs to it and is safe (Prov. 18:10).

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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5 responses to “Friday’s List to Live By #4

  1. Matthew Allen

    Here’s the link

    I like the idea of doing Ken’s article when we move on from the longevity series.

    Matt ______________________________

    Matthew Allen Pulpit Minister, Cornerstone Church of Christ

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  3. John Nickell

    Thanks for the list. I really liked this one. For me, the Lord being our horn of salvation has always called to mind the use of a horn as a method of communicating over distance. I’m picturing Susan’s horn from The Chronicles of Narnia. God is either the horn with which we cry out for help when surrounded by our enemies, or He is the encouraging sound of help arriving soon even if we cannot see Him just yet.


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