Weekly Recap: July 19-24

Good morning

With the Canadian border still closed and travel to England cancelled, Norma Jean and I have been enjoying seeing the sights in Colorado this week.  And reconnecting with friends of bygone days.  While the events of the past three months  are not what we planned, we’ve adapted the old  adage, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

But the time has come to leave the majestic mountains and journey east.

Today finds us in Grinnell, Iowa, where I’m preaching tomorrow morning.  We were here in a meeting 5 years ago, so it will be good to see these brethren again.

Our weekly recap is being well received as a means of catching up on missed posts.  Thanks to our faithful readers who are also using this as a means to share ThePreachersWord with others.

Also there is a bonus post from 8 years ago based on a lecture by Colly Caldwell that speaks to current issues we’re facing today.

Have a good day and a wonderful Lord’s day tomorrow.

God bless,

Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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How You Can Be Saved Like Noah




A Passage To Ponder:  Matthew 3



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Friday’s List to Live By #3




Two Bonus Posts

What is the will of God?

Today’s cultural crises, societal, upheaval, and political turmoil cause Christians to ask, “Is this the will of God?”  This post based on a Florida College lecture by Colly Caldwell in 2002, may offer some insight.




In addition, and closely connected to the above message, here’s a three year old post Who Knows the Providence of God?”

Hopefully, these thoughts are helpful in troubling and uncertain times.





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2 responses to “Weekly Recap: July 19-24

  1. Scott Vifquain

    Hello, Ken. I benefit from reading your articles. Thanks for your work in the Lord. Safe travels to Iowa. I was born in Ames, Iowa, many “moons” ago. Hope all is well with you and your family. We are doing well in Danville, KY. I retired from full-time preaching about a year ago. Still doing part-time tax work at H & R Block. Been doing that for 22 years now.


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