Friday’s List to Live By #3

Today’s list is adapted from the writings of author John Van Diest. It’s short. To the point. And hopefully will provide future food for thought. And application.

How to Apply Scripture to Your Life

#1 Realize that all Scripture is without error.

#2 Develop a daily and systematic reading program.

#3 Pray for insight and understanding as you read.

#4 Study the text within the context of what the author intended.

#5 Memorize key passages.

#6 Spent time mediating on what you’ve read.

#7 Make personal application to its commands to your life.

#8 Claim its promises.

#9 Share what you’ve learned with others.

#10 Fall in love with its Author.

Happy Friday, everyone.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman

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