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Friday’s List to Live By #3

Today’s list is adapted from the writings of author John Van Diest. It’s short. To the point. And hopefully will provide future food for thought. And application.

How to Apply Scripture to Your Life Continue reading

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Is the Bible Outdated and Unreliable?


My recent post on gender identity has elicited a good bit of reaction from readers, especially on facebook. It has been shared hundreds of times. Most have commended the post, but not everyone. One reader expressed her disagreement this way.

“To keep trying to reason this out with ancient language from a religious text that NOT everyone follows is hurtful, damaging, a complete waste of time, pointless, and mean.” Continue reading


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Yesterday our post,Cherry Picking” The Scripture, was in response to a question asked by Stephen, one of our regular readers. Today we continue answering more of his questisons.

Stephen asks, “In trying to understand God’s Will on so many social (not so much individual responsibility) issues, how do you know who’s right and who’s wrong?”

Our questioner further opines, “If we go into a more liberal Church (such as a Methodist), what is taught, practiced, and what people believe is much different than more conservative Churches (such as Southern Baptist or Church of Christ).”

“Differences in opinion have always existed in the Church — isn’t a key question how not to make these differences so divisive as to split Christians apart?” Continue reading


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“Cherry-Picking” The Scripture

Cherry Picking


I have a regular reader, Stephen, who often comments on our posts. Not always, but many of his comments and disagreements address my stance on same-sex marriage.

I’m not singling out Stephen. His responses are publicly posted on this site. He has been kind, considerate, and often complimentary. For the benefit of all readers, I want to answer some of his questions.

“Could you talk about “cherry picking” Scripture?” Stephen asked. Continue reading


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