Sunday Seed Thoughts: 10 Suggestions For Home Bound Christians

Today is an odd and abnormal day for many Christians in the United States and around the world.

Because of health concerns caused by the global pandemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) many churches have cancelled their Bible classes and Sunday worship services.

This post is not about the decision of churches and shepherds to cancel public gatherings. It’s about the reality.

So, what is a Christian to do today? Here are 10 suggestions.

1. Remember that worship is a verb. You can worship anywhere.  In fact, church attendance doesn’t automatically make you a worshiper. It’s possible to attend a house of worship, but not worship.

2. Worship God today. It’s tempting to take this “day off” as a time to relax. Do some yard work. Catch up on some home projects. Or simply enjoy some recreation with your family. Whatever you do, pause for worship. Worship God.

3. Listen to an on-line lesson. There are many web sites on which you can access the sermons of gospel preachers that will edify and encourage you. Just google their names or churches. Some churches are actually doing live-stream lessons today.

4. Pray. Pray with and for your family. Pray for our national and local leaders. Pray for the sick and suffering. Pray for first responders. And medical workers. And pray for your shepherds, preachers, and church family.

5. Sing. You probably know many songs from memory. But you can access on-line hymns on You-tube. Maybe you have some CD’s. Sing along with them. And praise God.

6. Read Scripture. Find passages that will strengthen, encourage and comfort you during these trying times. Our Friday post listed scriptures that will help you.

7. Talk to your children in age appropriate ways about your feelings. Listen to their concerns. Encourage your family to trust God through this present distress.

8. Connect with other Christians. Social distancing does not demand social disengagement. Call, text, email or face time with those of like-faith. See how your brethren are doing. “Encourage one another and build one another up” (1 Thess 5:11).

9.If you worked this week and earned an income, set aside what you have prospered to give when public services resume. The financial needs of the church-family continue even when the doors are closed. In fact, they may increase due to benevolent needs of members who’ve lost their jobs.

10. Look for ways to serve others. Are there friends, neighbors, shuts-ins, or elderly members who need groceries or medicine? Be aware and willing to serve others during this time of need.

Finally, in these unusual, unprecedented and uncharted times, claim the words of God to Joshua for your life and family “Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” (Josh. 1:9).

May God bless, comfort and strengthen you.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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9 responses to “Sunday Seed Thoughts: 10 Suggestions For Home Bound Christians

  1. Larry Hafley

    Thanks, Ken.


  2. James Phillips

    Good advice for all that have immune system problems.


  3. Patrick Maddeaux

    Thank you Ken, your articles are so appreciated!
    This is indeed an abnormal day.


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    ThePreachersWord is taking an end of the year blogging break and reposting the top 10 posts of 2020 based on reader views. Unfortunately, this March post continues to be a reality for some Christians during this COVID-19 pandemic.


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  9. Charles Stephens

    Thanks Ken, Great thoughts.


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