Weekly Recap: 2/17-2/21

In case you missed any posts from ThePreachersWord from the past week, here is a brief summary and the quick links to get you caught up.


Word of the Week: Abstinence

We often think of abstinence in terms of chastity or refraining from strong drink.  However, the word means much more.  And carries some important implications for Christians to consider.

God’s Vision For A Relevant Church

A Barna Group revealed the most people under 30 years old felt the church was not relevant to meet their needs.  Has the church lost its importance in the 21st century?  What is God’s view and vision for His church today?


Passage To Ponder: Hebrews 1:1-3

The passage is one of the most sublime and majestic descriptions of Jesus Christ.  If you missed this post, invest 5 minutes of your time to read it.  It will encourage, edify and enlighten you about the most important person in human history.



7 Reasons Why Salvation’s So Great

The post discusses salvation from the viewpoint of Hebrews 2:1-3.  The writer called it “so great a salvation.”  Why?  What makes it great?  In just a few minutes this post will remind you of the wonderful blessings we enjoy because of our salvation.



Reposted from a past popular column, get a fresh view of Christ and the cross from this unique Bible character who “chanced’ to be in Jerusalem at just the right time.  And it changed his life.  Forever.

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