Today I want to share a post from five years ago from a column we did for almost three years. There are over 160 other posts on this theme “It’s Friday. But Sunday’s Coming!” You can access them in the categories column. I hope this post speaks to you in some way that brings you closer to the cross.



It was 800 miles from the North African city of Cyrene in Lybia to Jerusalem.The journey was long and arduous. But the time, effort and expense would be worth it. No doubt this dark-skinned man, a Hellenistic Jew, named Simon, was eagerly anticipating the feast days. The Passover. The fellowship. The communion with other worshipers. An opportunity to honor the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

We don’t know if it was his first trip. Or his last. Or maybe he settled there. But we can know this. He never forgot it. And neither did his sons, Rufus and Alexander.

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