Can We Vote For Our Own Morality?


There is breaking news from the Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. This week they voted “to give full and equal membership to everyone in the pews, regardless of sexual orientation.”

According to the Dallas Morning News, this means that “LGBT congregants can now hold leadership positions at Wilshire Baptist. And get married in the church. And have their children dedicated.”

“And anything else. Everything else.”

The Wilshire minister, George Mason, reported that the vote was 577 for, and 367 against the amendment. Mason admitted that there were “strong head winds” against the change. However, he opined that those against affirming homosexuals in their membership were “well meaning and loving people….We need to respect one another and recognize we’re still going to be wrestling with each others as we move forward.” Then he added, “The way I’ve been thinking is, we’re not of one mind, but of one heart.”

This post is really not about the Biblical condemnation of homosexuality. Or same sex marriage. ThePreachersWord has clearly defined the Biblical pattern for sexual conduct and marriage on more than one occasion.

Our question to Mason, the 577 who voted for this amendment, and others who applaud it simple. When did God give human beings the right to vote on their morality?

The apostle Paul affirmed that ALL Scripture is a God breathed revelation. And it is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness” (2Tim. 3:16-17). The apostle Peter confirmed that we’ve been given “ALL things that pertain to life and godliness” (1 Pet 1:3). And Jude, the brother of Jesus, declared that we’ve given been “the faith.” One time. For all time. And for all people. (Jude 3).

Since the Holy Spirit has laid down the pen of inspiration, there is no continuing latter day revelations from God. His Word in final. Complete. And authoritative.

So, what right does Wilshire Baptist, or any other church, have to change God’s moral code?

If we can change God’s prohibition regarding homosexuality, how about fornication? The same passage (1Cor 6:9-11) that condemns homosexual activity also forbids fornication. Why put a “guilt trip” on single consenting adults who desire to be sexually active? Vote to rescind it.

Also while voting, let’s add adultery to the list. Although there is little stigma today attached to divorce for any reason and multiple marriages, why not make it official?

Maybe we can also legalize polygamy and polyandry. What’s wrong with a man having 2 wives. Or three wives. Or 55 wives, like Brigham Young, the 19th century Mormon leader and Governor of Utah. Who’s to say it’s wrong?

In addition, the same passage that condemns homosexuality also disallows stealing, drunkenness and extortion. If we can vote to sanctify whatever sexual behavior we desire, why not other passions as well?

Of course, these questions are dismissed as silly and irrelevant. But what makes them so? Only the fact, that there’s a strong social, political and liberal agenda to normalize homosexuality.

By the way, I don’t have a beef with the Baptists on this issue. In fact, the Dallas Morning News chides Dr. Robert Jeffers, minister at the First Baptist Church of Dallas and labels him “fearmonger” who wants to take America back to 1953. To Jeffress’ credit he appeared on Fox News yesterday and affirmed the Biblical teaching on morality and opposition to same-sex marriage. Jeffress’ asked, “The fact that what we believe about marriage – that it should be between a man and a woman – and that we’re pro-life, somehow that becomes radical? Why is that?” Then he boldly asserted, “It’s because our culture has changed. But the truth is, culture may change, people change, but the Word of God never changes, and that’s what we rest our belief system on.”

Sadly, our secular progressive culture has infiltrated too many churches. And too many so-called Christians.

Regardless of how people may vote, God’s Word remains unchanged.

–Ken Weliever, ThePreacherman


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  2. Steven Estes

    Good thoughts Ken. God’s word never changes and that is certainly a comfort as we never have to wonder what He expects of us. It’s plainly revealed in His truth.


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