The Disrespect for Marriage Coalition

MarriageThis week in Washington, D.C. the Supreme Court is considering two cases that have the potential to redefine marriage in our country.

The “Respect for Marriage Coalition” has increased their presence through TV-spots,  newspaper ads and timely interviews.  But it may not be what you think.

Here’s how the 30 second ad begins…

“A growing majority of Americans have come to believe it’s time to allow marriage for gay and lesbian couples. Here’s why….”

And the “why” features regular, everyday people talking about their friends and relatives who are homosexuals.

“Our daughter Emma,” announces a proud mother.

“A gay couple in my ministry,” says a preacher.

“My sister-in-law,” spouts another.

Others chime in answering the “why” question in a similar fashion mentioning their mom, dad or business partner.

The Respect for Marriage Coalition is the Disrespect for Marriage Coalition.

Is the point that marriage must be modified because our friends and neighbors no longer believe marriage is between a man and a woman?

Has that which was once considered immoral suddenly become moral because my brother, or sister or son now does it?

Is the Bible no more an authoritative guide to the family structure because the majority voted against it?

Apparently so.

Interestingly, and sadly, a number of politicians are “coming out” in support of same-sex marriage.

Hillary Clinton produced a video on her website announcing her evolution on same-sex marriage. She is now for it along with her husband, former President, Bill Clinton. In 1996 President Clinton  signed into law DOMA (Defensive of Marriage Act) that defines marriage as the union between one man and one woman. At that time Mrs. Clinton agreed.  But not now.

Ohio senator, Rob Portman, announced last week that he had changed his position on marriage after his son revealed he is a homosexual.

Sunday evening, Missouri senator, Sen. Claire McCaskill announced her support of same-sex marriage.  In a prepared statement she said,

 My views on this subject have changed over time, but as many of my gay and lesbian friends, colleagues and staff embrace long-term committed relationships, I find myself unable to look them in the eye without honestly confronting this uncomfortable inequality. Supporting marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples is simply the right thing to do for our country, a country founded on the principals of liberty and equality.

I wonder if the Senator is for the equality of polygamy? Polyandry?  Bestiality?  Why not?  Don’t they have rights too?

People may change.  Society may change.  But the Bible hasn’t changed.  Or evolved. Or been amended.  Fornication, adultery, and homosexuality are still sins.  In describing the fall of the Gentile world who rejected a knowledge of God, the inspired apostle Paul severely condemns lesbian and homosexual acts.

 For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error.   (Romans 1:26-27, NASU)

The depravity of this sin is emphasized by the words God uses to describe it: “degrading,” “unnatural,” and “indecent.”  In the text Paul also speaks of same-sex relations as being “dishonorable,”“debased,” and “depraved.”

The Roman world was characterized by hedonism.  Moral degeneracy.  And sexual deviancy.  New Testament apostles and preachers didn’t rationalize that “everyone” believed is was “right,” so we will tolerate sexual equality. No!  They condemned it!  When Paul went to Corinth he confronted their sins. Later he wrote to them and warned,

Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality,  nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. (1 Cor 6:9-10)

Was Paul  a bigot?  A hater?  A Homophobe?  No!  He was a gospel preacher!  And his message produced results.  Verse 11 says some repented and changed their sinful lifestyle.

And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

In his daily commentary, Cal Thomas wrote this morning regarding the promotion of same-sex marriage.

We are living in a modern-day Corinth where everything is to be tolerated.  When there are no constraints, anything goes.  There is nothing to stop this or anything else.  Fairness, not God, now define everything.  And God is giving us over to a corrupt mind and a starved spirit. 

America’s defiition of marriage may change, but God’s does not.  Christians unite.  Stand firm.  Be strong.  Remain faithful. Don’t compromise.  Don’t condone sin.  Don’t yield to public pressure.

God’s judgment is coming.  Sooner or later.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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42 responses to “The Disrespect for Marriage Coalition

  1. Bill Hood

    I see where former Florida Governor, and potential Presidential Candidate, Jeb Bush has stated that the States should make the their own decisions regarding the acceptance of homosexual “marriage”.

    Apparently Jeb is unfamiliar with God and God’s law in this matter. God has already decided. It is very unfortunate that politicians do not realize that God’s law is never a matter of popular vote.

    It is also unfortunate that the souls sitting on the Supreme Court actually believe in their own “supremacy” and dare to disregard the God of Heaven, as though He does not exist. “Modern day Corinth”, indeed! I dare say Ancient Rome had nothing on the modern and “progressive” United States of America!

    Even so… Come quickly, Lord Jesus!


    • It is so sad to let human opinion sway people’s convictions. In reading Ken’s comments my mind went back to the words of the prophet Isaiah, “Woe to them whho call evil good, and good evil. Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter. Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!: Isa.5:20-21.


    • Jonathan

      And apparently you, sir, are unfamiliar with how our government works. We don’t establish rule of law based on God or God’s law. We don’t live in a theocracy. Read a civic history/procedure book that explains the US system of government. You’ll find them at your local Jr. High library.

      I’m also curious as to which “souls sitting on the Supreme Court” that you personally know well enough to render the accusation that they “believe in their own supremacy”. Or do you just like to talk big, slander and hide behind the anonymity of the internet when discussing our elected officials?


  2. Billie



  3. Steve Segrest

    Marty Pickup, a wonderful man of God, died today of a heart attack. Last night, Marty concluded the final lesson of a six part series he taught us on the “Authority of God”. Marty’s message was not one of “doom and gloom”, it was a very positive one — challenging us to reflect, even re-think at times how we interact with others. Marty’s lessons are on-line at the University COC website.


  4. Pamela Riddick, Lilac Rd. Church of Christ, Leitchfield, KY

    Thank you for posting this Ken. I have seen the recent comments in the media. Today I heard a report that said most Americans believe in the right for gay couples to marry. Really?? I sure hope not. We must continue to stand for what God says.


  5. Ila King

    In the current discussion of marriage in our country, I am reminded of Mark Twain’s riddle: “If you call his tail a leg, how many legs does a dog have? Five? No, four. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.” Calling a homosexual civil union a marriage does not change the reality of God’s word.


    • very good obervation and nice point from Mark. Thanks for reading and sharing

      Ken Weliever 400 NW Highcliffe Dr Lee’s Summit, MO 64081 Home Phone: 816-600-5001 Cell Phone: 813-507-1726 Church Office: 816-761-2659 web site: blog: Church web site:



    • Jonathan

      Well it’s a good thing that our country was not, in matter of fact, founded on God’s Word. We are not a theocracy and we never will be. We are founded on the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Both of which, allow for life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness…the same freedoms that allow you to hold your bigoted views on same sex marriage. Here’s another Mark Twain quote: “It ain’t those parts of the Bible that I can’t understand that bother me, it is the parts that I do understand.”


  6. Amy

    My heart mourns for our country in this latest yielding to the devil’s lies.


  7. Ezekiel ,western Uganda

    If such people exist in the church of christ, we should excommunicate them before they spoil our youth- the future church


  8. Don Elliott

    It is interesting that this so called equality group has chosen a red equal sign as their logo since red is so often associated with Satan.


    • Jonathan

      I think the “so called equality group” chose red because that is a universal color for love. See the “so called holiday” Valentine’s day. Or just pay attention to social culture once in a while.


      • Don Elliott

        In paying attention to social culture it will be noted that red in some cultures is the color of mourning and others the preferred color for a bride.


    • Jonathan

      It is interesting that this so called “Christian”, Don Elliot has chosen a flowery pink starburst looking logo as their avatar in this thread since pink is so often associated with being gay. <<< This sentence is about as moronic as your first one.


      • Don Elliott

        In a final response to Jonathan I would like to clarify that I was only making an observation. I was not making a personal attack on anyone since that is not the purpose of this blog. As to your first comment on my original post, you addressed cultural awareness. Your misspelling my surname is an ethnic slur. Again, this is my last comment. Matthew 10:14.


      • Jonathan

        It’s really big of someone who freely enters into a dialogue, gets challenged for their ridiculous statements, and then decides when the conversation is over because its not going their way. And then tops it off with a sanctimonious Scripture reference. Well done, sir. Matthew 23.27


      • Jonathan

        Furthermore, I submit to you that the entirety of not only this particular blog post, but all the following comments, have done nothing but personally attack those of same sex orientation and their plight. Maybe you feel comfortable making that statement because you have no homosexual friends. Or maybe you don’t consider associating these groups with Satan, as you did, to be an attack. Either way, you’re either incredibly insensitive at worst or sadly obtuse at best.


  9. Jonathan

    I stumbled across this post through FB. I guess my question that I would pose to everyone in this thread is this: What does the Bible have to do with our Bill of Rights and Constitution? In other words, who cares. The Bible isn’t the Constitution. We don’t enact legislation in this country with book, chapter, and verse. Take a 9th grade level US Government refresher course and then enter the discussion with an applicable and competent sense of how this country functions and operates.
    I believe that it is possible for Bible believers, Koran believers, Book of Mormon believers, to politically support marriage equality because our country was not founded on the Bible. It was founded on the Constitution, which was provided (among other reasons in the preamble) “to secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves”. The very US founding documents that give you the right to meet in your church buildings freely, in principle, give the same rights to same sex couples to marry. There are people of multiple faiths (and no faith) that live in this country together. We cannot take the book of faith from one of those groups and legislate morality for everyone else. Would you want Congress reading and legislating from the Koran? The Book of Mormon? I know some Christians who believe some whacky, messed up things based on their interpretation of the Bible and there’s no way I’d want their interpretation of Scripture legislated into Federal law. So the only question to ponder is this: Is denying marriage equality for all citizens of the US consistent with the ideas, principles, and language stipulated in the US Constitution? Namely liberty, freedom, and equality for all? History has taught us that Bible believers have used the Bible to wrongly subjugate minorities and women under the law. In my opinion, this is history repeating itself. Same sex relationships have been around for a very long time. Countries throughout history have risen and fallen, all with same sex individuals laced throughout their society. It is historically inaccurate and a misnomer that nations fall because of same sex relationships. The Bible never makes this claim about any nation.
    Furthermore, I guess it just depends on which “Biblical Definition of Marriage” you’d like to choose:

    1) Women being bought and sold by husbands and fathers as if they were property
    2) polygamy-probably the most common we see in the Bible
    3) the Levirate marriage – brother in law must marry and impregnate
    4) a man a woman and his concubines
    5) male soldier and female prisoner of war -Deut 21
    6) A male rapist and his victim – Deut 22
    7) female slaves having to marry male slaves w/o consent monogamous, heterosexual.
    8) heterosexual marriage (What you might think of as the standard form of marriage, provided you think of arranged marriages as the standard.)

    Also remember that inter-faith or cross-ethnic marriage were forbidden for large chunks of biblical history. The important thing to realize here is that none of these models are described as better than any other. All appear to have been accepted. So I’d like to ask you which of the eight kinds you would prefer, and why.

    Finally, the idea that same sex marriage will lead to bestiality or pedophilia or anything else is not only fear-based, but so logically fallible it’s kind of ridiculous. Animals and children don’t have legal standing. They can’t enter into marital, legal contracts. When Christian males finally allowed women to vote, it didn’t lead to dogs getting the right to vote. When Christians finally allowed interracial marriage, it didn’t lead to minors marrying 40 year olds. Quit proliferating this nonsensical notion and recycling it amongst yourselves like it has any merit whatsoever because it doesn’t. By the way, Christians used the same Book to defend their subjugation of minorities and women then too. Not much has changed. I do think it ironic that you think it will lead to polygamy, however, considering that God readily and openly accepted that throughout most of history.

    Either way, this thread and its comments are all based in fear. It’s not based in sound, political discourse. It’s based on everyone being afraid. That’s the Church of Christ’s specialty. Which is why your groups are statistically dying all across our nation. Most figures have the Church of Christ not even existing by the year 2046. Christians, in general, are not trail blazers. Historically, you’re always on the wrong side of the issue and you’re always bringing up the proverbial rear because of tradition and fear. This issue is no different. They’re going to make movies about people like you one day and the viewers are going to say things like “Can you believe they actually believed that way back then?” Open up your mind and free yourselves. Life is passing you by.


    • Andrew

      A very interesting post. I do believe this country was founded on freedom and equality. I also believe that many causes have been wrongly defended with the someone’s interpretation (or misinterpretation) of the Bible. In the case of same sex marriage, I believe it should not be condoned. Mainly because I believe homosexuality is a sin. On one hand I realize that I can not force my beliefs on anyone else and that outlawing same sex marriage could be seen as an attempt to do so. I realize we are all free to make our own choices. Yet I also realize that I have concern for the society I live in. I do believe that when more and more sinful acts become common place and accepted our society will suffer. I don’t think allowing same sex marriage would, by itself, bring about the destruction of our society. It is my opinion that it would move us in that direction. I do believe the Bible clearly records the destruction of societies due to their moral decline. For instance, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because their moral decline had become so great. So yes, fear plays a part in my decision. I fear for the future of this nation that I and my children will live in.

      Aside from fear, I also take a stand against same sex marriage on moral grounds. As with any act that is wrong, I must take a stand against it. It would seem you would prefer Christians set aside their beliefs and discuss the matter from a purely secular position, leaving God out of it since the nation was not founded on His bible. I can not do this. I think most Christians would agree the Bible, being God’s word, is a higher authority than that of our government. That would mean something such as homosexuality, being clearly defined as wrong, can not be condoned. We can not support such an action if we are to hold true to our beliefs. And It is our beliefs that define who we are. Do I wish for anyone in this country to suffer or be at a disadvantage? Certainly not! But more importantly I will never put my support behind something I know to be wrong.

      As far as the many types of marriage you pointed out, all I can say is it was a different world back then. I do acknowledge societies and nations change over time. I do believe there are practices recorded in the Bible that do not apply to us today. Some practices were recorded simply as part of the history the Israelites. There are many instances when the Israelites acted against the will of God. So not everything recorded was an accepted practice by God.

      Do I think same sex marriage will lead to bestiality? No. Marriage in our country is a civil institution as well as religious one. I don’t see a time coming when men will be allowed to marry an animal. Could same sex marriage open the door to polygamy? That is more likely than bestiality. If one can successfully argue that people should be able to marry any gender they want because of personal freedom, personal freedom would not have to stretch much further to allow marriage to any number of people.

      In the end our society is divided on this issue. I think same sex marriage is going to happen some day, if not with this incident. I will maintain my belief that it is wrong. I will use my freedom to support those that oppose what I feel is wrong, just as you will.


      • Jonathan

        Yes, you should view the matter secularly. Our nation was built on separation of church of state. That’s the definition of that. Monarchies in medieval Europe fell because their kings didn’t make this distinction. They felt that they ruled by Divine right. Thomas Jefferson demanded this separation. The Treaty of Tripoli in 1797 stated “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion…” So the only way to discuss US Federal Laws is on the common ground of the Constitution. That’s great that you think that the Bible is a more superior document. Atheist Americans don’t care. Muslim Americans don’t care either. Bring the Bible to a US Federal Court and see where that gets you in your case. Jesus seemed to be able to render to Caesar what was Caesar’s and to God what was God’s. Not sure why someone who supposedly wears His name can’t or is unwilling to do the same.


  10. Andrew

    I do render to the government what is theirs. I pay taxes and follow the laws of this land. I understand the separation of church and state in our nation. It was implemented to prevent the situations found in Europe, governments declaring everyone must follow religion “x”, or religious bodies holding influence over the government thereby bringing the population under their religion. If we are to be free to worship or not worship how we choose, the separation is important.

    I understand not everyone will agree with my view of the Bible. I respect that as their choice. I still believe homosexuality is wrong. I believe it defies nature itself. I don’t believe it should be supported by anyone of any background. I think we all use our backgrounds and personal beliefs to influence every decision we make. I am simply using mine to not support something I feel is wrong.


    • Jonathan

      So to summarize, you support liberty, and justice for all unless that liberty for others lives (which doesn’t even affect you) violates your own personal, private dogmatism and prejudice. What a great American citizen you are. That’s the kind of thinking that sends this country back to the 1960s civil rights movement. Or further. Not to mention its duplicitous, self-centered, unloving, unfair, & unjust. All of which I’m pretty sure the Bible disagrees with. Ironic.


      • Andrew

        If I could be fully accepting of everyone’s lifestyles and choices I would. I can’t though. I believe there is a wrong way to live and a right way to live. I guess I don’t believe in absolute freedom. I think we benefit from limits. I don’t feel it usually ends well when we can all do whatever we desire. I have some friends that live a homosexual life. I run into homosexual individuals on a regular basis through my work. Though I want them all to be happy productive members of society, I can’t condone their choices. I love them as fellow human beings, but I can’t support their wrong (from my point of view) choices.


      • Jonathan

        I understand that you don’t like absolute freedom. But welcome to America, my friend. Freedom is every citizen’s right. Absolutely. That’s fine if that doesn’t sit well with you, but then on the other hand don’t be thankful in any respect for your own freedoms, because they are one in the same. Additionally, my gay friends are some of the most happiest, most productive members of society I know. It’s my heterosexual, married Christian friends that all hate their lives secretly, don’t give a cent of their money or time to charity, and aren’t pursuing their dreams.


  11. Michael

    I find it very interesting that Polygamy, which once was an accepted practice in the Old Testament, was rejected by the early church. Why did this transition take place?

    Could one not logically defend Polygamy using the Bible? I personally don’t support Polygamy, but I decided to bring this up in this post because it has some relevance. For instance, I notice we have a definition of marriage in the world today that is not fully supported by the Bible.

    I see verses that attack homosexuality in the Bible. But I don’t see any verses that attack Polygamy. Thus, why do we as Christians defend the “traditional” view of marriage as being between “one man and one woman”? (And is this really “traditional”, since for thousands of years men have been able to marry multiple women?)

    There is no direct commandment against having more than one wife, (unless you are a Deacon or Elder in the church). So, why did Christians (and the majority of the world, for that matter) decide it was wrong for a man to be married to multiple women?

    Any thoughts? My thinking is that women have… well, shifted from being “submissive” to their husbands to being “the boss.” lol


  12. Don Elliott

    Matthew 19: 5&6 certainly indicate that Christ had a one man, one woman arrangement in mind. I don’t think we can find polygamy as the ‘norm’ in the Bible.


  13. Don Elliott

    Also, to someone who posted some time ago, I did not choose this ‘avatar.’ I have no idea as to how it came about.


    • Jonathan

      I thought your last comment and final comment happened on March 29. I thought you were shaking the dust off your feet. Next time, please keep your word.

      And of course you didn’t choose the avatar. It’s a default picture that this site chooses. The point that I was making was in rebuttal to your point that the equality group had chosen “a color associated with satan” (red) to put on their logo. You linking the red color of their logo, projecting your own bigoted views onto the organization while inferring that it was somehow Satanic was as much of a stretch as me associating you with your unchosen avatar. That was the point.


    • Jonathan



  14. Michael

    I’m not so sure, Don. For half of the Bible (the old testament), it was very normal for men to have multiple wives. And God seemed to take joy in this fact as well, and blessed them with many children.

    Jacob is a good example, although, later on, you see Moses forbidding men to marry their wife’s sister because of rivalry reasons. (Obviously, Moses was familiar with what had happened between Rachel and Leah).

    Also, I don’t think you will find a direct commandment in the New Testament that forbids marrying more than one spouse. I will say, however, that during the time of Jesus, the practice of a man marry only one woman had become the “norm.” Polygamy, apparently, was forbidden… perhaps, by Roman society?

    Anyways, thanks for responding. This is an interesting topic.


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