“The gift that keeps on giving.” Google this phrase and you’ll get 10,800,000 results.

This well-known slogan has been used in commercials over the years to sell Father’s Day and Mother’s Day gifts, subscriptions to Sports Illustrated, and promote a variety of goods and services including banks, florists, and cameras. As we approach the holiday season, we all want to purchase that perfect gift that pleases our family and friends–a gift that keeps on giving.

In one of the great texts of the Bible, we learn about the perfect gift and the perfect Giver. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. (James 1:17, ESV).

Consider five things we learn from this verse.

(1) God is the source of our gifts.

The first words of the Bible are “In the beginning God….” He created the cosmos. He formed our world. He made mankind in His image. All of our benefits and blessings originated and emanated from God.

“Know that the Lord, he is God!” penned the Psalmist. “It is he who made us, and we are his; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture. (Ps. 100:3).

(2) God only gives us good gifts.

The trouble we endure, the problems we face and the trials we suffer are not from the hand of God. He’s the source of all that’s good. Heartbreak, disappointment, and wickedness in this world comes from Satan and our own selfish desires, and sinful choices.

Creation was good. The earth was perfect. Mankind was upright. It’s human beings that have brought corruption. Yet, in spite of the issues we face, God showers us with blessings. Good gifts. Perfect gifts. Spiritual blessings.

(3) The means and the manner of God’s giving is good.

Warren Wiersbe says the second clause could be translated “and every act of giving.” The gifts God gives are both good and given in a loving manner. In a way to demonstrates God’s care, concern and compassion for us. They are given in our best interest. God is a good and gracious Giver.

(4) God is constantly giving.

Vincent says the phrase “comes down” is a present participle. He says that it “denotes something habitual. God is continuing giving. Constantly providing for our needs. Always hearing our prayers.

(5) God never changes.

God, the Creator of the heavenly lights, does not change like the shifting shadows. Although daylight lessens in the winter months, and the light of the sun and the moon changes, God is constant. Steady. Unchanging. His nature and His character is not subject to variation.

On the eve of the Thanksgiving holiday, and a month before Christmas, we often think of our material blessings and relationships we enjoy with family and friends. And while God has blessed us with these “good gifts”, there is even a greater gift–Jesus Christ.

The “indescribable gift” of His Son, provides for us the gift of salvation. Forgiveness. Reconciliation. Peace of mind. And joy of heart. His “good and perfect gift” empowers our faith, lavishes us in love, and fortifies our hope.

Jesus. He’s “the gift that keeps on giving. Thank God!

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman

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