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A Veteran’s Day Tribute

Here’s a past and present day salute to those who serve our country with honor, dignity and courage. Thank you. And may God bless you.



During the Iraq war in 2004 the Wall Street Journal ran a front page story about the “new training” the Marines were receiving.

In addition to being drilled in combat skills and heavy weaponry, they were receiving instruction regarding respect for the Iraqi citizens. The Marine commanders borrowed the maxim from the Hippocratic Oath: “First do no harm.”  The philosophy behind the new protocol was not intended to put the Marines at unwarranted risk, but defuse hostility and suspicion. The article called it  a “reprogramming campaign” that teaches these skilled soldiers to ask questions first and shoot later. 

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Bill Crowder tells the story about the time he was scheduled to teach at a Bible conference outside the US and was waiting for his visa to be approved. It had been rejected once, and time was slipping away. Without the visa, he would lose the opportunity for ministry, plus his colleagues in that country would have to find another speaker at the last minute.

During those stressful days, a co-worker asked Bill how he felt about it all. Bill told him he was experiencing “peaceful anxiety.” Continue reading


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