Thanksgiving from A -Z

Give thanks 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today’s post is a fun application of the song, “Count Your Many Blessings” using the alphabet. Some are spiritual. Others physical. A few personal. Plus little things we take for granted.

America—My home. Not perfect. We’ve got our share of challenges. But God’s blessed us with freedom, opportunity, and wealth. Pray for her.

Bible—God’s Word. It directs. Teaches. Reproves. And inspires. I can’t live without it.

Children—They encourage me. Write me notes. Draw funny pictures. God bless them.

Dads—We need good dads. I miss mine. Tell your Father today that you love him.

Ears—Without them what would hold my glasses up? God gave me two of them and only one mouth. I need to listen twice as much as I talk!

Fellowship—Our spiritual fellowship in the church Family. For members who care. For burdens that we bear. For the love we share. I’m grateful for my church family.

Grandchildren. We’ve got two boys–Roy and Miles. 14 month old. Born 8 days apart. They give love a new meaning. Now I know why they’re called grand.

Hope—It gives meaning to life. Lightens burdens. Offers clarity. Fortifies our faith. Provides an eternal perspective.

Ice Cream–Homemade is the best. But Blue Bell is a close runner-up. Any kind of chocolate is my choice.

Jesus—Can we ever thank Him enough? We need His example. His teaching. His love. His sin cleansing blood. Thank you, Jesus!

Kenny—That’s my son! He’s fun to be around. He loves God. Enjoys life. And has a tender heart. He’s got a good wife. Right, April? And he’s a terrific Dad.

Lemonade—Fresh squeezed. Hmm, it’s good. Especially on a really hot day. I like it at Chick-Fil-A.

Mom—you know what I mean, don’t you? Always there. Always loving. Always supporting. “Her works praise her in the gates.” I miss my Mom.

Norma Jean– My wife. My constant and faithful companion for 47 years. She’s shared my joys and consoled me in sorrow. She loves me. And I love her. And she’s the best preacher’s wife I know of!

Onion Rings—or an onion loaf, or onion strings or a blooming onion. Hot. Fresh. Crispy. I sure like ‘em.

Pardon—If I didn’t sin, I wouldn’t need it. But I have. And I do. Thank God He is still willing to pardon my iniquities, forgive my many sins, and offer eternal salvation in Christ.

Quiet Time—Like right now. No phone is ringing No radio is blaring. No horn is beeping. No TV is clamoring for my attention. The time to think. Reflect. Count my blessings.

Rachél–She’s my daughter. I’m grateful for her strength, courage and faithfulness. And her good husband, Jared. She’s a great Mom. And like her brother, a lot of fun!

Salt–It provides flavor. Improves taste. It also perseveres and purifies. It reminds me that I’m to be “the salt of the earth.”

Tomatoes—Some folks don’t like ‘‘em, but I do. I want tomatoes on my salad and on my sandwiches. And what would a BLT be without a tomato? I even like fried green tomatoes! Thanks, Lord!

Umbrellas— You can walk in the rain and not get wet. You sure need them in Florida. You should have several, because they are easy to lose.

Vision—The ability to see the beauty of God’’s creation. To read His Word. To see smiling faces. To watch a basketball game. To see my family.

World— God made it. The cosmos. Earth and sky. Birds and Trees. Mountains and Valleys. Waterfalls and Rivers. Oceans and Seas. They give glory to God and bring pleasure to our lives.

Xrays—They reveal problems. Produce answers. And save lives.

You. Yes, you! You who read my blog. Offer encouragement. Ask questions. Give advice. And seek to grow. You who serve others. Share your prosperity. Open your heart. And extend your friendship.

Zeal—It’s what makes the Lord’s work thrive and flourish. I’m glad for enthusiastic people who minister and make a difference.

Well, that’s my list this year. What’s yours? Take some time between food and football to make your list. It might be a fun family activity to share.

—Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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2 responses to “Thanksgiving from A -Z

  1. Heidi Pickett

    Right there with on the tomatoes! Great list & I think I may take some time today to make my list as well. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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