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Sometimes You Need To Dig!


The brochure on our door says, “Hello, Lee’s Summit. Fiber is here.” That’s google fiber.

The ad proclaims it’s “Super fast internet. Powerful Wi-Fi. A DVR like no other.” I checked the google web page, their internet speed is 1,000 megabits per second. Mine is 15! In a race google fiber would finish in 4 seconds. It would take me over 4 minutes!

I’m watching with interest as workers are invading our neighbor installing the cable. However, the other day while driving down the street and navigating the trucks, equipment, and workers something struck me as interesting. Continue reading


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Word of the Week: Authority


Billie Burke was a famous actress of the early 20th century. She played “Glinda the good witch” in the Wizard of Oz musical. The story is told that Ms Burke was once traveling on a cruise ship when she noticed a man at the next table suffering from a bad cold.

She asked, “Are you uncomfortable?”

The man nodded in the affirmative.

“Well,” she instructed, “I’ll tell you what to do.” Continue reading

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IT’S FRIDAY. BUT SUNDAY’S COMING! Jesus is Lord of Lords!


Melvin Newland, the preacher for the Ridge Chapel Church in Kansas, OK, tells an incredible story of a lady who attended a Sunday service.

The lady, a former member 25 years earlier, was visiting a friend in the Ridge and decided to attend services that morning. However, following the worship she approached Melvin and angrily informed him she was not happy with the service.

“Why?” asked Newland. Continue reading


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Three Levels of Living

3 people on beach

“When things are at their blackest,” wrote Robert Lynn Asprin, “I say to myself, ‘Cheer up, things could be worse.’ And sure enough, they get worse.”

Joyce Carol Oates, looked at life this way: “Keep a light, hopeful heart. But expect the worst.”

The writer, O’Henry penned, “Life is made up of sobs, sniffles and smiles, with sniffles predominating.”

“We are born crying, live complaining and die disappointed,” wrote Thomas Fuller in 1732. Continue reading


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Several years ago “Reader’s Digest” told about a company who mailed out some special advertising cards with a mustard seed glued to it and the following caption:

“If you have faith as small as this mustard seed in (our particular product), you are guaranteed to get excellent results and be totally satisfied.”

A few months later one recipient of this promotional piece responded to the company with this note: Continue reading


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7 Steps To Overcoming Bad Habits


With the baseball just around the corner, I’m reminded of a story by Tommy Lasorda, the great Dodger manager, as he described his battle to overcome bad habits.

“I took a pack of cigarettes from my pocket, stared at it and said, “Who’s stronger, you or me?” The answer was me. I stopped smoking.

Then I took a vodka martini and said to it, “Who’s stronger, you or me?” Again the answer was me. I quit drinking.

Then I went on a diet. I looked at a big plate of linguine with clam sauce and said, “Who’s stronger, you or me?” Continue reading

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When Norma Jean and I lived in Tennessee we had some wonderful neighbors, Phil and Fe Stack. They were retired Doctors. They were friendly, kind-hearted folks.

Phil’s background as a Psychiatrist coupled with his religious beliefs gave him a unique insight into human behavior. Phil and I had many “backyard visits” about world problems and the human condition

One day we were discussing problems in our public schools and Phil asked, “Do you know what would solve those problems?”

“What?” Continue reading


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IT’S FRIDAY. BUT SUNDAY’S COMING! Some Things Are More Important

Cross Gold Pocket

Yesterday was an exciting beginning to the NCAA basketball tournament. There were upsets. Overtimes. Controversial calls. One point victories. And heart breaking losses.

The outcome of each game was important to their, players, coaches and fans. Yet in the midst of the adrenalin rush of these nail-biting contests, I am reminded of a statement by the late and legendary UCLA coach, John Wooden. Continue reading


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7 Lessons Christians Can Learn from the Sports World

NCAA Championship Game: Butler v Duke

Do you have your bracket filled out? Now if you have no idea what the question means you are obviously not a basketball fan!

Today begins in earnest “The Road to the Final Four!” It’s  the quest for the NCAA championship in men’s basketball. It’s called March Madness!

The tournament reminds me that the qualities for success in the sports world are so similar to those we need to acquire as Christians. The apostle Paul must have been a sports fan! Because he frequently used sports metaphors to make spiritual points. Consider these two passages. Continue reading

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I recently read about a congregation that decided to have four different worship services each Sunday to appeal to distinct groups of worshipers.

There was one service for those new to the faith. Another for those who liked traditional worship. The third service was for those who’d lost their faith and would like to get it back. And last service for those who had bad experiences with churches and were complaining about it.

They even identified each service with its own name. Guess what they called them? Continue reading


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