A Prayer for the Heavy Heart


I think one of the beauties of God’s Word is how it speaks to us at different times and in different ways, depending on where we are in life.  We see things through the prism of our circumstances, our emotions and our maturity.

It is obvious to me not only in my own life but through this blog as some posts touch the hearts or some more than others, depending what is happening in their lives. 

Recent events in our country, in our church families, and among our friends remind us of the problem of pain. Suffering. Tragedy. Death.  Unfortunately, trouble is the common lot of mankind.  The Psalms can be a wonderful source of comfort.  Strength.  Direction. Help.  And hope.  Psalms 71-75 speak to the heavy heart and the troubled soul.

May these Psalms inspire each of us to pray this simple prayer.

Thank you, dear Lord,  for being the rock of our salvation and being that rock for those that we love and serve.

Please Lord, uphold us.  Strengthen us.  Do not forsake us in our time of adversity, or in the face of our adversary.

Help us see the glory of the Messiah, the Son of Righteousness, that came to redeem us and give us a hope that transcends this troubled, earthly existence.

Purify our hearts so we will not stumble.  Purge us from pride.  Guide us with your counsel.

Give us relief from the oppression that weighs heavily on our hearts.

And may we, even in times of adversity and sorrow, give thanks for your wondrous works, trust in your perfect judgment, and declare the greatness of your name.

Through the Son of Righteousness we ask,


–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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7 responses to “A Prayer for the Heavy Heart

  1. julie davidson

    Bro. Ken: thank you for wording such an appropriate prayer, on this blog…AMEN! btw…we have this particular “Grace” print hanging in our dining room! it was a gift for my husband, Steve’s 49th b-day, a few years back! 🙂 in His love, Julie


  2. ann white

    ken, thank you for that beautiful prayer. i pray all the time for the Lord to increase my faith and to help me know the sacrifice of His Son better. i feel i cannot praise Him adequately, so I ask Him, like the song, to listen to my heart


  3. Thank you so much for this. What an encouragement to have a God who knows what we are going through, and He cares for us. As I always remind my children, we know Who wins in the end, despite all.


  4. Nancy

    Thankful for the hope of heaven where there will be no heavy hearts.


  5. Ruth Conger

    Thanks Ken! It seems there are so many friends and loved ones going through sickness and terminal illnesses that sometimes I just can’t express my deepest desire for them. This has helped me to say what is in my heart.


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