9 Words to Direct Your Life

Psalm119How are you going to live your life?  What is the basis?  The foundation? The standard?  What are your values?  Your morals?  Your ethics?  If there is not some basis, life becomes confusing and aimless.

The Psalmist said Ps 119:133  “Direct my steps by Your  word,  And let no iniquity have dominion over me.”

Psalm 119 provides valuable insight to living a holy life.  A happy life. A successful life.  Psalm 119 is unique.  It has 22 stanzas with 8 lines each.  It is an acrostic using the Hebrew alphabet and each line begins with the same letter.

Nine synonyms are used for God’s Word that not only highlight its value, but demonstrate how it can direct my life.  Think about these 9 words and how they speak to you.

Word.  It keeps us morally clean (v.9).  It directs our steps (v.11). It helps us resist sin (v.11).  In it is great treasure (v.162).

Commandments.  They signify the right of authority. God commands.  We obey.  The commandments give us wisdom (v.98).  I learn from them (v.73)  And delight in them (v.47).

Law.  This implies sovereignty and suggests the reign of the King.   When we are directed by it we will hate lawlessness (v. 163, 113, 53).

Way.  God’s Word is God’s way.  It speaks to His nature.  It is a higher way. A Nobler way. A spiritual way.  In it we will experience revival (v. 37).

Testimonies. A testimony is a solemn declaration.  When we are guided by them, we will find joy and delight (v. 24, 14, and 111).

Precepts. This has to do with trust.  We can trust God’s percepts.  They give us life and liberty (v. 93, 45).

Judgments.  Rightness and righteousness are vital to God’s  judgments.  When I walk in them, I can know I’m walking the right way. (V. 7, 62, 106).

Statutes.  The word means a definite, prescribed, written law. The moral law of God is engraved on our hearts. His statutes allow us to live a life without shame (v. 80).

Truth. God’s Word is truth (v. 151). When we are directed by it, we will accept all of it (160).

Psalm 119 is simple, yet profound. It reaches to the height, depth and breadth  of divine thought, spiritual meaning and human fervor.  9 words. 1 point. God’s Word is awesome.  It is the best possible way for us to live our lives.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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2 responses to “9 Words to Direct Your Life

  1. Sandra Jo, Pine Bluff Church of Christ

    I’ll have to pay more attention to Psalm 119, besides knowing it is a long read! It is a very humble person who fully submits to God’s ‘9’. This is a keeper in my blog folder.


  2. Ezekiel, Isule church of Christ, Western Uganda

    Ithank God for giving me such light for my path.Indeed this verse speaks directly to our hearts. May we continue to submit to his will !


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