What’s Your View of the Bible?

Bible.Light.2Two men. Two views of the Bible.  One man is known world-wide.  The other man is unknown, except for a small circle of friends.  One man is bombastic and out-spoken.  The other man is plainspoken and unpretentious. One man is on TV.  The other man watches TV.

Two men.  Bill O’Reilly.  Nathan Eve. 

On Tuesday evening’s O’Reilly Factor, Bill was discussing with Fox News anchor, Megyn Kelly, the Supreme Court’s hearing on the issue of same-sex marriage.  Kelly suggested the homosexual lobby in our country had made “very compelling arguments” that their opponents had difficulty answering.

O’Reilly responded, “I agree with you 100 percent. The compelling argument is on the side of homosexuals.” Then he opined “And the other side hasn’t been able to do anything but thump the Bible.”  He also added this was not a basis on which to enact public policy.

“Thump the Bible”?  That’s a very pejorative  expression. I’ve never heard it used in any other way than to disparage and denigrate Bible Believers.  I was disappointed to hear O’Reilly say that.

A contrast in attitude was seen Wednesday where I worship at Hickman Mills.  Following our Bible Study classes, Nathan Eve gave a short devotional message.  Less than 5 minutes.  He related taking a on-line bible quiz and doing pretty well.  But missed a couple of questions. He reflected on the need to read and know the Bible.  Then he shared  Paul’s admonition  to Timothy to exhort and encourage us.

But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have become convinced of, because you know those from whom you learned it,  and how from infancy you have known the holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.

 All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,  so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. (2 Tim 3:14-17)

For the record, I like to watch O’Reilly.  And agree with a lot that he says.    But he missed it on this one. The history of our culture is one man and one woman in marriage.   Why? Because God said so!

But can God’s Word guide us in everyday life?  Are the Scriptures relevant in the public forum?  In our relationships?  In our culture?

In the verses Nathan shared we learn four important points that serve us well and show us the value of God’s inspired Word in our lives.

1. It is useful for teaching.  From scripture we learn about God.  Creation.  Our origin. Our purpose. Our destiny. We learn about Jesus.  His redemptive work.  His plan for our salvation.  We learn how to live.  How to treat others.  How to experience joy, peace and contentment in life.  And we learn about God’s eternal arrangement of the home.

2. It is necessary for rebuke.  Sometimes we get off the path.  Away from the Word.  Astray from what is right.  The word reprimands us when we are wrong.  We’re living in a culture where nothing is to be judged wrong. No matter how bizarre!  But God clearly says some things are wrong.

3. It is essential for correction.  The Word doesn’t just tell us we’re wrong. It corrects us.  Direct us. Guides us. Gets us back on the right path.  Through repentance and confession, we can correct our course and get back to walking God’s way.

4. It is imperative for training in righteousness.  Once we return to God, He doesn’t just leave us there wondering, “What’s next?”  “Where do I go?”  “What do I do?”  The Bible equips us for right living.  Peter affirms that we’ve been given “all things that pertain to life and godliness.”  In every area of life, we can be educated, prepared and disciplined to live life in all it’s fullness.  Pleasing God.  Serving others.  And leaving this world a better place.

Let’s always remember it’s not people in power that determine what’s right. TV commentators, politicians and Supreme Court justices may offer their opinion and issue their edicts.  But there is only one Voice that is really supreme–God Almighty.

I’m sure glad to know humble men like Nathan Eve who respect the Bible.  Oh, and by the way, O’Reilly,  when speaking of the Bible, don’t be derisory.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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11 responses to “What’s Your View of the Bible?

  1. Fae Nolte

    Thanks, Ken & Nathan … It has been said “man is not educated until he knows the Bible.” Real intelligence/education comes by knowing the Bible. It is all inclusive for bringing us to heed its’ teaching. Salvation comes with that intelligence and education.


  2. Karen Lowe

    I enjoy your columns, Ken. I like O’Reilly most of the time, too, but that was not one of the times. There is a conservative radio commentator I enjoy listening to by the name of Dennis Prager. He is a jewish man who is very supportive of Christianity. He always says that whether you believe in Jesus and the teachings of the bible or not you cannot deny that this book it what defines values for everyone. If you think murder is wrong then why? Because YOU think so? What if I think it’s okay? That train of thought just doesn’t work! Your thoughts and the lesson from Nathan reminded me of this. Your column on the loss of Marty Pickup was very touching as well. We are all hurting for sure! Thank you!


  3. Steve Segrest

    Like millions of other Christians, I struggle with this issue. The struggle is not with teachings (like Paul’s) on the sin of homosexuality. The struggle occurs in applying Christ’s second most important commandment. Denying hospital visitation & other rights to gays, denying health insurance to a gay partner and their children, denying survivor benefits for a brave police officer killed in duty to their gay partner, etc. This just isn’t loving. I sure don’t know the answer, but we as Christians should talk about this. I’m encouraged by Dan Cathy’s (who I greatly admire) evolution on this — to hold to one’s beliefs, but do it in a way not to hurt others (intentionally and unintentionally).


  4. All true, given your belief. But, all incorrect in applying your religious principles to the US. We separate our church beliefs from our state practices- for just that reason.

    By the way, Bill O’Reilly- in spite of his clear denigration of others- has voiced a new opinion from one he STATED (about that loud) in 2005, 2009, etc. I am NOT against changes of opinion- we all have them. But, folks of O’Reilly’s ilk seem to believe that compromise in politics is bad and facts never change the reasons to do or not do something. (Nothing to do with the bible, there…)


  5. Terri Lewis

    Well said. Ken. I agree, O’Reilly missed it!


  6. Carleton Hunter

    Ken, Thanks for your time and advice concerning my search. Someone said something about your writing about Marty. If so, could you forward it to me?


    Brent Hunter 7796 Britt Place Santee, CA. 92071 619-270-7791 land line 502-445-5421 cell


  7. Sam C Fowler

    Well said.
    The recognition that God has authority over our lives to instruct and demand our obedience is this not the great struggle of our time? (all time?) Submission, sacrifice and suffering are the calling of the Holy Scriptures to the God’s children (1 Peter). Our Savior is the ultimate example of the Word of God in action.


  8. Carolyn Hays

    Ken, another great article. I really enjoy reading all of your writings on here.


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