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What’s Better: The Treadmill or a Walk in the Park?

Treadmill.ParkNorma Jean and I like to walk.  It’s not only good exercise, but it’s a time for conversation and connection.  From our house we walk to a park close by and enjoy its beauty and serenity, the fountain and an occasional deer in the woods.

However, the Kansas City winters have severely limited our outdoor walking.  So, when it’s cold we walk indoors on the treadmill.  Now the treadmill is not as much fun.  There’s nothing to see. No scenery to enjoy.  Only a small TV in front of us to look at.  Sometimes we find ourselves in an almost trance-like state staring ahead and walking the treadmill.

All of this got me to thinking how life is like a cross between the treadmill and a walk in the park. Continue reading


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