Do You Know God?

“Of course, I know God!” you’re saying out loud.  And you may even think, “that’s a silly question!”  And it may be to most of our readers.  But think about it a little deeper.  I didn’t ask, “Do you know about God?”  I asked, “Do you know God?”

“There’s a difference?” you wonder. 

Yes!  It is easy to know facts about God.  Names. Places. Events.  Scriptures that we have memorized.  Old Testament history.  What happened on the third day of creation?  Who was the fifth judge?  Who was the man after God’s own heart?

If you are trying to answer these questions, you may be proving my point!  Christianity is not “data-based religion” where we become competent in spewing out information like a contestant on a game show.  That doesn’t mean I’m in favor of Biblical illiteracy!  Certainly, a lack of knowledge can leave us malnourished spiritually.  We need to know the Bible.  But we need to know God too.

King David, the answer to the last question, expressed his longing this way, “ O God, You are my God; Early will I seek You; My soul thirsts for You; My flesh longs for You in a dry and thirsty land Where there is no water.”   David said he would praise God “because your love is better than life.” (PS 63:1-3).

In Psalm 34:8 David exclaims with this metaphor, “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!”

You see knowing God is about relationship.  Community.  Commonality.  Closeness. Kinship.  God wants to be our Father.  And He desires that we be His sons and daughters. God desires we do more than believe.  He wants us to belong.  Belong to Him.  Belong to His family.

The theme this year in our church family is “Draw Near to God.”   We are seeking a closer relationship.  A deeper commitment. . A greater intimacy.  Sunday night in our group meeting I asked “What are some barriers you have experienced that hinder your relationship with God?”

Here are some of the answers.  Selfishness.  Busyness. Improper priorities. Materialism.  TV. Sports. Sin. Anger. Discouragement.  Laziness.  I doubt these challenges are unique or confined to Christians in Kansas City!

This Fall I plan to bring a series of lessons about growing in our relationship with God. I would be glad to hear from readers of ThePreachersWord with answers to any or all of these three questions:

What barriers have you overcome in drawing closer to God?

What practical steps have you taken that have drawn you closer to God?

What benefits and blessings have you experienced in your relationship with the Lord?

I think your experiences will help other readers draw closer to the Lord.  And they will help me share these ideas with our church Family.

You see rather than reading the recipe for a chocolate pie, I’d rather eat a piece. Or two!  In the same way, we need to fill our hearts with God!

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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4 responses to “Do You Know God?

  1. Bill Hood

    “What practical steps have you taken that have drawn you closer to God?”
    My late wife, Donna, and I were baptised into Christ in 1974. Over the next 28 years, I preached the Gospel as a located preacher, served as a Deacon in the Palmetto church, and had asperations to serve as an Elder one day. Donna passed away in 2002 after a four year battle with Ovarian Cancer.

    My anger turned me from serving the Lord for several years. I have only taken very small steps in God’s direction since. 1) I had to reassess my reason for being baptised in the first place and why I had “been” a Christian. 2) I have reassessed my motivation for preaching and being so involved in the church. 3) I have reunited myself with brethren.

    I did not like the answers I found in my heart, to the second step, and I have a long way to go. Now, instead of charging to the head of the line to consult with brethren on how they can improve, I realize that I am the one needing the help and prayers of brethren. Perhaps this is my best step thus far.

    So, brethren, look at my name and know that your prayers are requested and mention to our God that I am one who needs all the attention He can spare.

  2. Aleta

    I’m encouraged by Bill’s heart and example, and will pray for him.

    I’ve had the opportunity to guide our ladies this summer in a study of the Beatitudes. Of course, no one has benefited more than me as I delve deeper into the material. This study has deepened my prayer life as I’ve learned better how to come before the throne of God. He’s helped me adjust my spirit and empty my will, and I have asked for His forgiveness for not allowing Him to reign completely in my heart.

    I’ve asked Him to bless my life with the things He knows I need, and here’s the interesting thing that has happened. Just as paradoxical as the beatitudes are, our lives have become more complicated and trying and have met with a lot of stress and hurt from those we love.

    However, in keeping a focus on each characteristic Jesus emphasizes in Matt. 5, I KNOW there are lessons to be learned, growth to take place, and God’s beautiful plan to unfold in our lives. The Blessed life is taking on a whole new meaning.

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