Enjoying Life’s Daily Pleasures

I needed a break.  I’ve been working on some sermon series for my Spring meetings.  And just need to relax my mind a bit.  So, I brewed some coffee and decided to take the dog for a walk.  During that 45 minutes I started thinking about the enjoyment of the little things in life.  Things that, if we don’t slow down, we rush through and fail to savor.

The taste of a good cup of coffee.

Daisy, the dog, frolicking across the neighborhood. Rolling in the grass. Chasing squirrels.  And lapping water out of the pond.

The warm sunshine.  A gentle breeze.  A perfect Florida afternoon.

A mother pushing her daughter in a stroller.

A little boy with an infectious grin who stops to pet Daisy.

A worker who pauses to say “hello.”

A neighbor who smiles and waves.

As a walk I think, “this is the day, the Lord has made.  I will rejoice and be glad in it.”

A day that I enjoy good health.

A day that my wife fixed me a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast.

A day where we shared a lunch together (Yes, she fixed that too!)

A day where I could pray and thank God for my blessings, and his favor on those who are hurting.

A day that I have friends to encourage me with emails, phone calls, text messages or facebook posts.

A day that I can work.  Study. Write. Think.  Prepare lessons.

A day that I can plan for the future, yet not become obsessed with it.

A day that I can prepare to add some value to the lives of others.

And then I think of the many days, of just simple pleasures with family. Friends. Brethren. Eating together. Laughing. Enjoying good conversation.

I reflect on the times I’ve simply enjoyed being with my wife, Norma, watching a sunset. Or the sunrise.  Drinking a cup of coffee.  Holding hands. Taking a walk.  A bike ride. Eating pizza. Or just sitting in our swing enjoying being together.

I recall the good times when our children, Kenny and Rachél,  were growing up.  And how so many of the memories revolve around little things. A trip to McDonald’s.  A bowl of ice cream. A song on the piano.  Hoops in the back yard. Play time at the park. A night-time story.  Saying prayers. And a hug.

Yes, I convinced that little things in life, simple things we too often take for granted, provide some of our greatest pleasures, if we will let them and just thank God for them.

So Lord, help me to slow down.  Wait on You.  Put aside worry. Rely on your Grace. Be soothed by the love of those who love me.  And to enjoy today and every little thing you bring my way. And remind myself, this is the day you have made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.  Through Jesus Christ. Amen


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13 responses to “Enjoying Life’s Daily Pleasures

  1. jack

    Thanks for an inspiring start to my day.


  2. Lee Ann Garrison

    Thanks, Ken. So great to read your article before the day gets started strong!


  3. Tami Spidle

    Little things + little moments + little encounters + little works + little fears + little worries = BIG LIFE!


  4. kenny weliever

    Amen to that, Dad! We do have a great life-thanks to God for every blessing. Thanks to you and Mom for teaching us about HIm, His love and grace, and for taking the time to show us the how grand life can be. I try to never take it for granted, but it sure makes you realize how blessed we are when you’re 2000 miles from home and can’t have the hugs and smiles and sandwiches we’re so used to. I thank God for my amazing wife, April, and how blessed we are to have each other! We miss you all and look forward to seeing you in a few months. Keep preaching the Word!


  5. Brent

    enjoyed your thoughts


  6. Dina

    Truth brother! During our travels in Europe, I was impressed with the simpler pace of life and time taken to revel in “little things” as a habit of being. We Americans have become to busy to really “live” in the now that God has given us. I applaud your walk and cup of coffee. Carpe Diem!


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