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A Passage To Ponder: Luke 24:1-53


Perplexed hearts. Discouraged hearts. Troubled Hearts.

This pretty much describes the mood from the women at Jesus’ tomb, to the disciples on the Emmaus road, to the scattered 11 now huddled in secret and fearfully wondering what was next.

For three days the disciples’ world has been turned upside down. They will forever remember the events from Thursday night to Friday night as the saddest 24 hours of their lives. Continue reading

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IT’S FRIDAY. BUT SUNDAY’S COMING! He was Dead. Now He’s Alive!

After six grueling hours of vicious taunts, mental torture and physical torment, Jesus cried with a loud voice, breathed his last breath and “yielded His Spirit.”  The centurion  guards standing by saw he was dead.  Continue reading


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 There is a scene in the movie Jaws, when they are out on the boat hunting for the killer shark. They’re chatting after supper and begin to compare scars and tell war stories

Each one is trying to out do the other with a scarier story and a bigger scar.  One guy says he cut his leg on a reef while scuba diving.  The second guy shows his scar when he was bitten by a shark.  Finally the third guy opens his shirt and points to his chest.  “What happened?  Did you have a bypass or something? They ask. Continue reading


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