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There is a word in the Bible that is filled with danger. In fact, Jim Kilson calls it “the most dangerous word.”

What do you suppose it is? Sin? Satan? Hell?

Kilson shares this hint. “The word is one of the easiest to speak, and one of the most fatal in its effect. It shines like a mirage in the desert, deceiving with a false promise. It’s the word that shines like a beacon, leading fools to their ultimate destruction; it’s without a doubt Satan’s favorite word…..” Continue reading

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The Antidote to Procrastination


Yesterday a newsfeed on my facebook page popped up from Cale Andrews. It was a photo of a book he was reading. The chapter was about becoming more productive and realizing your potential. It said there were three catalysts “that put fire under your feet and eliminate procrastination.”

One of the catalysts was coaching. The other was accountability. Then there was this great quote that I wrote down pertaining to the third catalyst.  Continue reading

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