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The Need To Be Reminded

Our Wednesday night the adult class where I preach at West Main is studying Peter’s epistles and is being taught very ably by one of our young men, Zach Kelsey.

Last night we were covering the text in 2 Peter 1:12-15 where Peter said that it was important to remind his readers of the Truth, although they knew it and were established in it. After discussing why that is necessary, Zach asked, “What are some ways in which we can be reminded of the Truth?’ Continue reading

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Word of the Week: Meditate


Steven Bonner tells about taking a group of teenagers on a trip to Tuba City, Arizona.  Fondly he recalls the “spiritually transforming events” that  occurred on those trips.  Specifically, he relates the impressions of the devotional periods led by Paul Ghee.

As the teens met at the mouth of Coal Mine Canyon and sat down in the slightly black dirt, the sun is setting. There is a slight breeze.  Then Paul asks everyone to stop moving.  To be quiet.  So, “we could hear the silence?”

Steven rhetorically says, “Can you imagine what absolute silence sounds like?”  Then he describes it.  Continue reading


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