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Should We Guided by Law or Love?

Pope.Francis.Joy of love


“Pope stresses spirit over rules” read the front page headline of Saturday’s Kansas City Star.

The article reported Pope Francis’ news conference at the Vatican Friday unveiling his latest 260 page writing entitled “Amoris Letitia” or “The Joy of Love.” According to the article “Francis’ worldwide challenge (is) to minister to the consciences of people in all their fragile imperfections and not be cornered by rigorous doctrine.” Continue reading


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Can You Regulate Morality?

Morality.RegulateThe precious little children of the Newtown massacre have not even been buried yet and we are hearing about more laws and regulations so “this kind of thing never happens again.”

But can you regulate morality?  Can more laws regulate the evil in a person’s heart?  Can stricter gun laws diminish hate?  Reverse revenge?  Dispel anger?   Continue reading


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