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Word of the Week: Kindness

Yesterday Norma Jean and I worshiped with the brethren in Cosby, Tennessee, where I preached at the morning service.

Teaching the Bible class was their preacher, 89-year-old Olie Williamson, who’s sharp, quick-witted, and physically active (Olie played golf Thursday and shot an 80).

Olie and his lovely wife Mary are also some of the kindest, sweetest, and most generous people you will ever meet. So, it seemed fitting his Bible class was about the kindness of King David.

“Was David a Rambo or wimp?” Olie asked to begin class. Continue reading


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Sunday Seed Thoughts: A Kind Word of Encouragement

Seed Thoughts

My wife, Norma Jean, has a little devotional book that relates a neat story about a famous singer scheduled to perform in a Paris opera house. The event was sold out in a short time. Continue reading


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Being Pure in a Profane World


I didn’t watch last night’s Republican debate. Did I miss anything?

Did Donald Trump insult anyone? Did the other candidates react with similar retorts? Were they still taking about the size of hands and what that possibly meant? Were there any personal attacks?

Actually I did see a CNN headline this morning that read “Republican Debate Turns Dirty.” Continue reading


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Word of the Week: Kindness


After General Robert E. Lee retired from the military, he was named President of Washington Academy in Lexington, Virginia, where he served from 1865 to 1870.  Later the name of the school was changed to Washington and Lee University to honor General Lee’s service.

While serving as President, a new student came to General Lee’s office and asked for a copy of the student handbook detailing the university’s rules and regulations.   Continue reading


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Word of the Week: Kind


Marilyn Irlbacher.  You’ve probably never heard of her.  And I doubt you will remember her name.  But you won’t forget her story.

She was only eight years old.  Living in a less than desirable foster care home.  She worried about the 50 cents she owed her school for some lost books.  Unless she paid the fine, Marilyn wouldn’t get her fourth-grade report card.

When she was told that was the case, little Marilyn ran from the school-house in tears. She didn’t have 50 cents.  And the very thought of asking her foster parents for the money terrified her.  As she ran down  the street, she didn’t see the tall man in her path until she ran into him.

“Here’s the rest of the story” In her own words. Continue reading


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How To Overcome a Culture of Crassness?

Crude. Coarse. Crass.  These words often describe our culture today.  It is seen and heard in all segments of our society as people interact in business, sports and politics.  It is evident in the entertainment industry.  And is too often witnessed in the way young people talk to one another.

So what’s the solution to this national epidemic of  abrasive behavior?  It’s a  simple Bible command.  Often overlooked.  Easily ignored.  Difficult to do, sometimes. Continue reading


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An Intentional Act of Kindness

“If you want to look for a needle in haystack, go ahead.”  said Gary Gaddist’s co-workers at the New York City’s Parks Department.  Fortunately for Danielle Hatherly-Carroll the sanitation truck driver was up to the challenge.   So  Gary began digging through hundreds of garbage bags that were stored on Randalls Island and he found it!  What did he find?  Continue reading


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Just Be Nice!

While we were packing the other day our son, Kenny, came across a bumper sticker that read, “Just be nice.”    Three simple words. Yet profound in their understanding and powerful in their application. Continue reading


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Kindness Counts

In Stories of Kindness, Beth Fryer writes, “Once, many years ago, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and was scheduled for a mastectomy. That morning I attended a college class in which the husband of a good friend was also a student. Most mornings we said hello to one another and that was about it – he would sit with his guy friends, and I usually sat alone. When he entered class that morning, Continue reading


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