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Word of the Week: Excellence

When Henry Kissinger was Secretary of State the story is told he once asked an assistant to prepare an analysis on a certain initiative. After putting in long hours on the project, he gave Kissinger the report. An hour later it was returned with a note to redo it.

The assistant stayed up all night redoing the report. Again Kissinger asked for him to redo it.

After the third attempt, the assistant asked to see Kissinger. “I’ve done the best I can do,” he told the Secretary. Continue reading


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Are You Making a Difference?

Purpose“What have you done that you believe in and you are proud of?”  How would answer this question?

John W. Gardner, who wrote the book “Excellence” says we have the potential to make a difference, not only in our own lives.  But also in the lives of those we meet.

Gardner, the founder of Common Cause, illustrates that point by relating the true story of a cheerful old gentleman who invested his life in others. Continue reading


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