Friday’s List To Live By #59

Too often our culture is focused on what they have.  Money. Cars. Homes. Collections. Investments. And Real Estate.

This attitude of having affects and infects Christians when they allow the world’s value system to drive them instead of spiritual values.

In John Mason’s fine little book, Conquering An Enemy Called Average, he suggests 34 things you really need to have  And none of them are material.  Here are 13.

Do You Have Enough of What Really Matters?

Have faith enough to please God.

Have gratitude enough to say “thank you” for the small things.

Have strength enough to battle obstacles and overcome them.

Have peace enough to pass all understanding.

Have honesty enough to never have to remember what you said.

Have character enough to do in the light what you would do in the dark.

Have wisdom enough to fear God and obey Him.

Have mercy enough to forgive and forget.

Have compassion enough to be moved by the needs of others.

Have direction enough to know when and where you want to go.

Have generosity enough to give before being asked.

Have trust enough to know God will direct your steps.

Have perseverance enough to run the entire race that is set out before you.

May you have enough of those things that really matter in life.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman

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