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Great Verses of the Bible: Matthew 23:27

Monday morning Norma Jean got a text message from our neighbors, Hugh and Linda Bozeman who also are members where we worship at West Main. They were having some family over for a cook out and invited us to join them. Of course, we were glad to accept.

Later that morning, I noticed a facebook post by Hugh that read, “I decided to clean my grill this morning. Couldn’t help but think of Matthew 23:27.”

What’s that verse got to do with cleaning a grill? Continue reading

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Word of the Week: Hypocrite


“So many self-righteous hypocrites” tweeted Donald Trump..This was in response to the Republican backlash from the recently released video with his crude, coarse and disgusting descriptions of women.

Conversely the headline of Saturday Boston Herald screamed: Clinton Playing Prude the Height of Hypocrisy. The article by Adriana Cohen  well documented Hillary Clinton’s language and attitude toward the women abused by her husband with her “feigned outrage over Trump’s private comments.” Cohen calls it “unspeakable hypocrisy in light of her husband’s wandering ways.” Continue reading


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Are The Duggars Hypocrites?

Jim Bob Michelle Duggar

Last week I posted this question: “Does Sin Negate the Christian Faith?”

It was in response to the considerable media coverage about the family of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and the revelation that their son, Josh, was guilty of “inappropriate touching” about 12 years ago.

My post was very clear that I was not condoning Josh Duggar’s sinful behavior when he was a teenager. Neither was I attempting to pass judgment on the response of the Duggars, nor to defend them. . My post had one fundamental point: Sin in the life of a Believer does not invalidate the Bible teaching on morality, nullify the Truth, or negate the Christian Faith. Continue reading


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