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Word of the Week: Excuse


As school is soon coming to a close, no doubt teachers have heard some incredible excuses for their students being absent or not doing their assigned homework.

Here are some actual notes written by parents, with the original spelling, asking their children to be excused.

“Please excuse Jason from being absent on June 28,29, 30, 31, 32 and also 33.”

“Please excuse Eddie for being. It was his father’s fault.” Continue reading

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No Excuses

Excuses.  Some folks are pretty good at making excuses for their behavior.  Or for failing to do something that should have been done.  However, if you’re not very good at coming up with excuses, there is now a website dedicated to helping you!

You can thank a fellow by the name of Ted Terrebone who has listed over 900 excuses people make for missing work, speeding, skipping school, breaking appointments, cheating on a diet, failing to pay taxes, and of course for not attending church.  

Here’s a sample of some of the excuses:  Continue reading


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