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Friday’s List To Live By #92

“What can I do? is a question often asked by Christians who are not sure of their skills, abilities, or talents.

Today’s list suggests 9 things you can do, based on Galatians 6:1-10. You may not be able to do all 9 all the time, but you can probably do most of them.

9 Things You Can Do To Make A Difference Continue reading

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Word of the Week: Help

In Bits & Pieces, William C. Schultz tells about a time his 3-year-old daughter Laurie requested help in getting undressed and ready for bed.

Schultz said he was downstairs and she was upstairs, so he reminded her, “You know how to undress yourself,”

“Yes,” Laurie replied, ‘but sometimes people need people anyway, even if they do know how to do things by themselves.” Continue reading

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Good News in a Wicked World

“If it bleeds, it leads,” is an old expression that basically means that if there’s violence, destruction, or death involved it receives top billing on television news.

Unfortunately, negative news garners attention, attracts viewers, and improves ratings.

In fact, so much of the broadcast news today, both on network and cable TV is more commentary than news. It often reflects the political or social bias and the world view of the commentator or the network. And it’s often designed to fuel conflict, sow discord, and divide people. Continue reading

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