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Good News in a Wicked World

There’s an old saying in the news world, “If it bleeds, it leads.”

In other words, if there’s death, destruction, violence, murder, or war it receives top billing. And this is especially true in TV news broadcasts. And lately, we’ve seen plenty. Especially in Ukraine.

However, in the midst of a wicked world filled with evil people bent on killing and carnage, there’s some good news.

How about these headlines. Continue reading


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Good News in a Wicked World

“If it bleeds, it leads,” is an old expression that basically means that if there’s violence, destruction, or death involved it receives top billing on television news.

Unfortunately, negative news garners attention, attracts viewers, and improves ratings.

In fact, so much of the broadcast news today, both on network and cable TV is more commentary than news. It often reflects the political or social bias and the world view of the commentator or the network. And it’s often designed to fuel conflict, sow discord, and divide people. Continue reading

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Good News

“South Carolina principal takes night job at Walmart to support struggling students.”

“Meet the 8-year-old who opened a food pantry.”

“10-year-old connects with officer injured in Capitol riot after writing him a letter.”

“Seattle home bakers donate over 1,300 loaves of bread to local food bank.”

“Colorblind 22-year-old sees color for the 1st time after putting on special glasses.”

“Texas school district opens free grocery store to help disadvantaged students.” Continue reading

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