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Getting Angry Like Jesus

Is it ever okay to be angry? Is anger always a sin? Is there such a thing as righteous anger?

Too often we’re advised by well-meaning folks that a Christian should never get angry. But is that really true? Continue reading


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Anger Management

It began as a friendly Xbox game of Madden NFL 2013.  It ended with a night in jail.  USA Today reported that two brothers, Michael and Abrey Mayweather of Racine, Wisconsin, were arrested for domestic abuse when the competition got physical.

According to the criminal complaint the 21-year-old, Michael, took the loss and his 19th year old brother’s name calling personal.  The dispute became physical when Michael tried to lock Abrey out of the apartment.   The two began shoving one another and it turned into a full-fledged fight.  According to the police report, the door was ripped off its hinges, the metal frame was bent and broken furniture was scattered through the apartment.

Now here’s the kicker….. Continue reading


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