Weekly Recap: April 9-14

Greetings from Miami, Florida.

Last night we concluded a meeting at the Carol City Church and are headed home today.

We’ve been with these brethren on previous occasions, so it was enjoyable to return and renew our relationships.  Our friend, Donald Jackson ,is the preacher at Carol City and is always very gracious when we are with him and his lovely and hospitable wife, Gwen.   She’s the daughter of the late and well known evangelist F. O. White, who preached here for many years.

Aside from the torrential rains, that even necessitated the cancellation of our Wednesday evening service, it was a pleasant week and a wonderful opportunity to share the Word.  If you’re in this area vacationing, visit this church. You will enjoy worshiping with these folks and will be warmly welcomed.

The post with the most hits this week was what I expected–“Staying Alive in a Dead Church.”  If you missed it, I hope you will take the time to read and share it with others.

Listed below are links to our posts this week to help you catch up in case you missed one.  Also included is a bonus post at the end.

Have a great day. A wonderful weekend. And a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow.

God bless,



The Message of the Resurrection



Growth Requires Meditation




‘Don’t wait To Do Something,”




Philippians 3:12-14



Staying Alive in a Dead Church





Happiness. Anger. And Social Media.




Today, April 15, is typically the date due for filing Federal income taxes in the U.S.  However, due the weekend and the holiday on Monday, it’s moved this year to April 18th, giving more time for tax procrastinators.  Therefore, this post, written 9 years ago today, asks a relevant question “Should Christians Refuse To Pay Taxes?”  What do you think?  You may, or may not, be surprised by the Biblical answer,

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