Weekly Recap: April 17-21

Greetings from Beverly Hills,  FL

Happy Earth Day!  Yes, it’s a  thing. April 22 is “Earth Day.”  You can read about it on their official web page.

Each Saturday when I send out this recap, I always include a past post as a bonus. Today’s is from April, 22, 2014,  The Preacher’s Perspective on Earth Day.  For my preaching colleagues, the 5 points would actually put you on second base for a sermon on stewardship.

ThePreachersWord has enjoyed a good week statistically.  The most read post this week was actually published in 2016,  4 Lessons Learned From the Titanic, since April 15th was the 111th anniversary of its disaster.  This was followed closely by the most read post published this week, When John 3:16 is Objectionable.  Of course, if you’ve missed any posts this is a good way to catch up.  And share ThePreachersWord with others either by email or social media.

Tomorrow I will be preaching at the West Citrus Church in Crystal River.

Hope you all have a great day, A wonderful weekend. And a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow,.

God Bless,


Growth Requires Consistency




When John 3:16 is Objectionable



Psalm 90



Negative Effects of Religious Hypocrisy




Humor Found on Facebook




The Preacher’s Perspective on Earth Day.





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