Weekly Recap: January 9-13

Good morning from Pompano Beach,

Well, it’s time for our annual trip to South Florida, to escape the “brutal cold” weather of North Central Florida. However, it’s only going to reach a high of 60 here today. But we will survive. Somehow.

Seriously, we began coming down here when we were traveling full time to see our good friends, Steve and Theresa McAllister and preach for the brethren at the Northside church.  We will be speaking 5 times. Twice tomorrow. Once Wednesday night. And twice next Sunday.  All the lessons will be on our 2023 theme “Sowing Seeds for Spiritual Growth.”  We’d love to see any our friends in the area while we are here.

This week’s recap only has 3 posts plus two bonus.  Unfortunately, we  were hindered from posting every day because of a “thorn in the flesh.”  Hopefully, we can improve on that in the coming week.  However, if you’ve missed a post this week, this is a good way to catch up.

Hope you all have a great day. A wonderful weekend. A blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow.

God bless,



Choose Growth




Public Prayer and Piety When Facing a Crisis



Protecting Innocent Children





The Value of Integrity was posted on this site on the date in our first year of publication in 2012.   It seems like a good one to reap, given some of the political and social issues we face today.



With the NFL Playoffs beginning, we thought you might enjoy this neat story, published January 14, 2016, about some first graders tryin to encourage players from the losing team.  You will enjoy Learning Empathy and Encouragement from First Graders.







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