Are We in the “End Times”?

This March post received the 3rd most hits of our 2022 posts. Considering its context, bold assertions, and implications, it’s interesting to read it now, 9 months later.


“I am not saying that what we are seeing today is proof positive that Jesus is coming tomorrow,” opined Tony Evans in a recent sermon. “What I am saying is, it could be.”

Evans, the well-known 72-year-old preacher at the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas, is among those who are talking about “End Times” because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

His disclaimer notwithstanding, Evans went on to talk about Bible prophecy and supposedly connected the dots between the Old Testament prophecies regarding Israel, the church, the Second Coming of Christ, figurative language in the book of Revelation, the price of oil, and war in the Middle East.

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