Weekly Recap: July 31-August 5


Good Morning from Beverly Hills, FL

Although we thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Ohio and our month-long stay in Canada, it’s good to be home after being away for 40 days. We either preached or taught a class 17 times in the past six weeks. We’re thankful for the opportunity to minister in the Word and for the fellowship of these wonderful brethren.   So, to paraphrase Mark Twain, the reports of my retirement from preaching are greatly exaggerated.

Tomorrow, as well as next Sunday, I will be teaching a class and preaching for the West Citrus Church in Crystal River where we worship when we’re home.

Today’s post is a recap of the past week’s posts. It’s a good way to catch up, in case you’ve missed one. As usual, there is a bonus post at the end.

In an effort to provide a little breathing room and break from blogging, we’re going to discontinue our regular post “Sunday Seed Thoughts” beginning tomorrow.  There might be occasions where we “feel led” to post something on Sunday.  But beginning tomorrow, it’s not going to be a weekly feature. However, if you want to read some past “seed thoughts”, we have 163 files that you can access.  Click here for Sunday Seed Thoughts.

Hope you all have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

God bless,



A Day of Gladness



Word of the Week:  Cooperation



Give God All The Glory





Matthew 18:1-5



What Do You Do Best?



Friday’s List To Live By #95





Happiness has become an obsession in our culture. This post from 10 years ago today, offers some simple, scriptural thoughts on “How To Be Happy.” Most of our current readers have never seen it.  Click here, if you want happiness!





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