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Weekly Recap: August 8-12

Good Morning from Temple Terrace, Florida

We’re enjoying an overnight visit with our daughter Rachél and our grandkids, Roy and Fern.  They live about 80 minutes South of us.  So, it’s close.  But it’s the first opportunity we’ve had to see them since we returned from Canada.  So, they are going to enjoy our goodie bags filled with Maple Syrup, Grape Juice, Dare Maple Cookies, Coffee Crisp candy bars, and more.   Our Canadian friends will understand the value of these gifts.

Today’s post is a recap from the past week, giving you an opportunity to catch up in case you missed one.  I would especially point out two posts that have received a good deal of positive feedback. Tuesday’s, “In Times Like These, and Thursday’s post, “Winning Even When You Lose.”  If you missed those, take time to read and think about the application to your life. Continue reading

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