Weekly Recap: July 3-8

Good Morning from Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada

We’ve been here a week now and are lovin’ these early morning temperatures in the 60s and highs in the mid to upper 70s.  But most of all we’re lovin’ being with our Canadian friends and brethren. And sharing the Word in a weekend meeting at the Wellandport Church.

The Niagara region is a beautiful area.  If you ever come, cross the border and come to the Canadian side.  And schedule some time to worship with one of these fine churches.  You will be blessed.

Today’s recap is shorter since we took off for the July 4th holiday.  But we offer it, in case you missed a post.  This is a good way to catch up and share a sample of ThePreachersWord with your friends.

Hope you all have a great day and a wonderful weekend

God bless,



What Will You Do in the Next 179 Days?




A Passage To Ponder: Psalm 1



Do You Belong to Yourself or Belong to God?



Friday’s List To Live By #92




“My truth” and “your truth” has been exchanged today for “The Truth.”  This post published 4 years ago today, needs to be read and reread to remind us of the source, nature, and application of Truth.  Take 3-4 minutes to consider the word “Objective.



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