Weekly Recap: February 13-18

Good Morning From Beverly Hills, Florida

Occasionally my blog mentions something that occurred “on this day in history.  Today our household is celebrating such an event.  It was on February 19, 19– that a baby girl was born about 60 miles north of here.  Her name– Norma Jean Slaughter.  While that birth won’t receive any national recognition, it’s pretty important to us.   Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

Today’s post, as usual on Saturday, is a recap of the past week’s posts with its quick links.  It provides an opportunity for any who may have missed a post to catch up.

Tomorrow, I’m preaching, as well as teaching the adult Bible class, at the West Citrus Church where we worship in Crystal River.

Hope you all have a great day.  And a wonderful weekend.

God bless,



Sunday Seed Thoughts: Singing The Truth



Word of the Week: Love




The Rise and Roots of Crime




Hebrews 2:1-3



Random Acts of Kindness




Friday’s List To Live By #73





Today’s bonus post was written 8 years ago today on Norma’s birthday.  It speaks to the issue of communication in marriage. It’s always relevant.  And needed.  Even after 50+ years of marriage.  Click here to read Coping With Communication Challenges.




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4 responses to “Weekly Recap: February 13-18

  1. Dave Thomas

    Happy Birthday Norma Jean and Lord willing many more to come!


  2. Steven

    Happy Birthday Norma Jean, hope it’s a good one.


  3. Billy & Shirley Akin

    A Special Happy Birthday, Norma Jean. Billy and Shirley


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