The Secret of Life

An anonymous author tells the story about a father who told his children when they were young that he would tell them the secret of life when they reached 12 years old.

“Dad, what’s the secret of life?” anxiously asked the oldest on the day he turned 12.

The father made the boy promise not to tell his brother and proceeded to reveal the secret.

“Cows don’t give milk,” the father said.

“What are you saying?” his son incredulously responded.

The father explained that to get milk from a cow, you have to milk it. You have to get up early. Go to the barn. Sometimes walk through manure. Secure the cow’s tail and legs. Get a bucket. Sit on a stool. And do the work yourself. Cows don’t give milk. You milk her or you don’t get milk.

The father’s point is applicable to everything worth achieving in life. It’s true in your career. In the sports world. And even spiritually. To be successful, you must do the work.

I’ve heard Christians who wished they knew the Bible or could quote Scripture like a respected brother. Or teach a class like an admired sister. Or wondered why they don’t feel closer to God. Or feel weak spiritually. The answer is, you must do the work. Expend the effort. Put in the time. Make the commitment.

Worship is like that as well. You can go to worship. But you must worship. No one can do it for you. Too many want a feel-good experience created by the preacher, pastors, song directors, and other Christians. But you are the one who must put your heart, soul, and mind into worshiping God.

Furthermore, your happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction in life, as well as your spiritual growth will not occur accidentally. It must be intentional.

“Cows don’t give milk. You have to work for it.”

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman

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