Friday’s List To Live By #69

In his little book, Winners and Losers, the late syndicated columnist, Sydney J. Harris succinctly offers insights on success and failure with wit and wisdom.

In the language of the sports world, Harris shares 5 scoreboards for success. They speak to issues of attitude, personal responsibility, and relationships.

Several weeks ago, we shared some of his observations from scoreboard #1. Here are 7 more thoughts from scoreboard #2.

A winner knows when the price of winning comes too high;
A loser is overly eager to win what he cannot handle or keep.

A winner has a healthy appreciation of his abilities, and a keen awareness of his limitations;
A loser is oblivious to both his true abilities and his true limitations.

A winner takes a big problem and separates it into smaller parts so that it can be more easily manipulated;
A loser takes a lot of little problems and rolls them together until they are unsolvable.

A winner focuses;
A loser sprays.

A winner knows that people will be kind if you give them the chance;
A loser feels that people will be unkind if you give them the chance.

A winner learns from his mistakes;
A loser learns only not to make mistakes by not trying anything different.

A winner is sensitive to the atmosphere around him;
A loser is sensitive only to his own feelings.

So, how did you score?



If you find yourself losing, it’s not too late to mount a comeback and change your score.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman

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