Sunday Seed Thoughts: Worship Quotes

From my “worship folder,” here are a few seed thoughts to consider as we focus on attending Sunday worship services.

“Worship is a verb.” –Robert E. Webber

“As a verb, “worship” is active, not passive. Worship is not an event to be watched, but an activity to be joined.” Sheldon W. Sarge

“Leaders in worship should work to avoid mistakes and do their work effectively. But acceptable worship depends far more on the heart and attitude of the worshiper than on the abilities of leaders.” –Bill Hall

“Worship may have several church growth ramifications, such as the edification of the saints and the reaching of the lost, but the primary focus of worship is the adoration of God.” –Ken Hemphill

“Christians should recognize the true quality of spiritual worship desired by God and determine to allow God’s word to guide us simply to do what pleases the Lord, leaving alone the worldly trappings designed to please men.” –C. G. (Colly) Caldwell

“God-pleasing worship is deeply emotional and deeply doctrinal. We use both our hearts and our heads” –Rick Warren

“Instead of ‘attending worship’ you should be a worshiper. Instead of trying to build greater ‘audiences’, we need to work for more ‘players’–more participants. The worship is not ‘up front-–tied to an altar, gold-plated cross, or preacher’s platform. You are more than a ‘spectator’ if you are truly a Christian–you are a priest of the Most High God, gathered with other priests to offer up spiritual sacrifice.” –Robert Turner

Today, as we gather at our respective local houses of worship, may we follow the simple two-word injunction given by the angel to the apostle John: “Worship God” (Rev. 22:9).

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman

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