Weekly Recap: September 5-10

Good morning,

Norma Jean and I are flying to Indianapolis today, to be with Woodland Hills Church in Marion, Indiana, for a meeting that begins tomorrow and continues through Wednesday.

We’re excited to share our series on “Pressing Toward the Prize” and enjoy fellowship with these brethren.

Today’s recap features three posts, that if you missed, I really encourage you to read.  One is about reflections on 9/11, the other about abortion, and yesterday’s is a tribute to our good friend and brother, Dee Bowman, who passed away yesterday.

To see where we will be preaching in September and October, click here for the latest updates.

Have a great day!  And a wonderful weekend.

God bless,



Sunday Seed Thoughts: Worship Quotes



Word of the Week:  Work



Who’s Really Barbaric and Inhumane?



A Passage To Ponder:  Psalm 123




9/11 Remembrance and Reflection



Friday’s List to Live By #55: A Tribute To Dee Bowman




Bonus Post

This post, CREATE YOUR OWN I WILL, written in 2012, highlights a unique and personal way in which you can remember 9/11 by serving the needs of others.  The web link in the blog is still alive.  Updated. And reminding us to “Shine a Light. Do a Good Deed.”

 Click here to be challenged to make a difference today, and say, “I will.”



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